Watermelon Soda Float

Course: Drinks, Mocktail
Servings: 2 -3
Author: Maria Jose Martin
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  • 2.5 - 3 cups Fresh watermelon chunks large seeds removed, the small white ones are fine
  • 12 - 15 Fresh mint leaves coarsely chopped
  • 330 ml Club soda or carbonated water of choice
  • 2-4 scoops Vanilla ice cream refer notes


  • In a blender, combine the watermelon, mint and water. Blend and pulse quickly, just until watermelon has broken down – this should only take about 30-60 seconds or so. The blending will “de-carbonate” the water a bit, but it should still have some fizz.
  • Pour mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a large bowl, glass or measuring cup in order to remove the seeds. Fill two glasses with vanilla ice cream and pour watermelon soda over top. Garnish with additional fresh mint.


You can use as many scoops of ice cream as you like ;) I think you can also use flavours like Coconut or Mint Choc Chip Ice cream.
For a stronger mint flavour, add more mint leaves. Also, you can use flavoured carbonated drinks or soda like lemon or ginger-lemon.
If you want ice cream to hold it's shape longer in the drink, scoop out the ice cream first and freeze it again and use it.