Sambar Recipe

I've got requests from some of you for a sambar recipe. All that time, I never thought I would be able to post its recipe here.

During my initial days of cooking whenever I made sambar, it was close to disaster. Finally, I resorted to some ready made mix of sambar for sometime and then got bored of it lately. Running out of options, I decided to try it again and this time I did make it successfully. Again I'm not sure this is the “method” for making sambar. However this is my method and it works well for me :) We both, Jose & myself like thick sambar, so I've adjusted the recipe accordingly.

Btw, I've taken this picture in my mobile camera. My camera's battery was over and I discovered it only after dressing up the sambar for photo session. Since I didn't want to disappoint the sambar after all the make up and attention she got, I decided to try it with my mobile cam :). Hence the clarity is not that great.

Hope you will like my version of sambar :)

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