Njandu (Crab) Roast

Do you believe in impression management? Hhhmm I'm not quite sure whether I'm for or against it. I mean, I'm against faking & portraying myself as something which I'm not but at the same time I dont want total strangers to see the meaner side of me ;) So, that puts me somewhere in the middle. As per Jose, that's a no man's land, because you can't be lukewarm. You should be either hot or cold.

Anyways, what I was trying to say is that, if you want to impress somebody with your cooking skills, this recipe is a sure bet. I've posted quite a few prawns recipes, but prawns roast was the one which did the impression management trick for me with the guests. I was slowly getting bored with it. That's when this video appeared on my FB page. This is my friend Ligy's mother-in-law's recipe. The original recipe uses crab, but I wanted to try with prawns. I checked with Ligy & she gave me a green flag for the prawns & you see the end result here.

I dont know whether I've told you this before… when I try certain recipes, I'm kinda restless till I post it here. Of course, I like all the recipes that I post here & I just dont post recipes for the sake of it. But with some recipes, I'm so excited with the outcome that I just wanna share it with you at the earliest. So go ahead and try this!

I've got  requests for Crab recipes & I guess this recipe should solve that. A big thank you to Ligy & her MIL for sharing this wonderful recipe. Btw, this post is named as crab roast (though I've used prawns) to avoid confusing it with the prawns roast recipe posted earlier. Hope I didn't confuse you more ;)

Please visit epathram to see Malayalam version of this recipe.

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  • Hi…I tried this recipe with crabs 2 times it was delicious & awesome..full of flavours!!!!!! my husband enjoyed and he told to make weekly once .. I tried lot of recipes ( Mushroom munchurian, veg. Stew, most of mutton recipes ..,chicken recipesand snacks items etc…but I didn’t get time to send feedback. All ur recipes are very yummy. Thank you so much for your lovely recips. God bless you and your family

  • Must try recipe.!! Came out well maria.Prawns lovers should try this recipe .Im sure will be great with crab.thak you maria dear for sharing this with us.God bless

  • hi maria,i used to see foodfood channel for new dishes bcause it was easy in learning.but accidentally while i was surfing the net for new dishes i saw ur site.really excellent .very easy to follow and had everything that i truly needed.really a nice attempt by u ,keep it up.

  • hi maria…i tried this recipe wit crabs ydy and the result was great,..it tasted awesome..full of flavours!!!!!!  my husband has asked me to learn this recipe and never forget it..thanx a lot dear and keep posting such splendid recipes..3 cheers!!!

  • Maria..tried the recipe with prawns
    yesterday!!..it was awesome…i bet it taste the best with
    Crab…need to try sometime…

  • Hi Maria, i tried your recipes first with scrambled egg curry and my grown up girls and hubby loved it. Later i tried few more and all are so happy. Definitely i will try this too and it looks superb. Can you pls mention the quantity of crab as per the recipe. You are doing an excellent job. 

    • Hi Januv,

      Thanks a lot for the comment! I’m happy that the recipes were liked by your family. I think you can try this recipe for crab with almost same qty as prawns.

      Hope you like this..


  • Hi maria,i tried the same wth prawns yesterday nd my hubby Roshan loved it so much!!!! Plannning to try wth crab vry soon!!Thnxs 4 ds delicious recipe!!!3 cheers 2 u!!!



  • The recipe sounds delicious. Crab is virtually unknown territory for me, hence the prawn substitution is just great.  :) Loved it.

  • Hi Maria…There seems to be a mix up The header reads Crab roast but the recipe is a prawn recipe.. Could u pls chk.. Thanks :) Eagerly awaiting the crab recipe :)

    • Hi Soumya,

      Kindly note that there is no mix up. I’ve explained it in the write up & Notes section of the recipe. Please read the same.

      I do hope you like the recipe.


  • Maria … We have never tried it with prawns.. anyway as u have guaranteed the taste, will try it for sure.. it luks so yummy and as usual ur pic makes anyone drool :-) keep it up :-) 

  • Good one Maria. First I saw the pic and was confused. Was thinking what kind of crabs are these. :)  It was nice to read ur post. Looks like a superb masala roast.

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