I should say, making this Kuzhalappam, unlocked a bag of emotions in me. I almost felt suffocated with the sudden outburst of all these emotions. I started off with the feeling of excitement, the excitement of trying something new, something I considered difficult, then it moved on to sadness when one of the steps reminded me about one of my fav persons of all time who is no more, next I felt guilty for not remembering her for so long, then it moved on to frustration, when I thought something went wrong in between, then the excitement again when I got it right, next the happiness when I got exactly what I wanted and sadness again at the thought that, I couldnt share what I made with my parents. But I ended the cycle with feeling a little bit proud of myself for making this :)

So it brings me to the question that I always ask you… can food affect our emotions? Can food make us happy or sad? Or is it the other way round, does emotions affect our eating habits? Coming to think of it, it's co dependent, isnt it? I mean, sometimes food reminds you of happy times, like burger and fries or samosas reminds you about the college days with your friends. Similarly, sometimes when you are sad, you might eat a chocolate or ice cream to cheer you up. Looks like food and emotions are intertwined!

Kuzhalappam Kerala snack recipe
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I bookmarked this recipe long time ago, but I always thought it was too difficult and time consuming. Time consuming – yes, especially when you are making it the first time. Difficult – not so much. Is it worth it – YES! It would be great if you can find some good company while you make this, one of you can roll it and shape it and the other can be in charge of frying. This is one of those recipes, when a good company in kitchen is appreciated!

So… what shall I tell you about Kuzhalappam, hhmm.. If you've already tasted it and liked it, this is a good recipe to try at home. If you havent tasted it, this is one  of those deep fried goodness! It's savoury and has a crunchy texture. If you dont mind homemade deep fried snacks, this fits the bill. This keeps well for 2-3 weeks in an airtight container. This can be a part of your Christmas goodie bag, for those who dont enjoy the sweet treats.

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