The MM Recipe Club

$59.00 $10.00

Introducing a clean, elegant, no ads & no sponsors – MariasMenu club membership for just $59 $10/year (80% off!)…



Like you, we've always wanted to have an advertisement free environment, so you could experience a fast, distraction free website and all the goodness of MariasMenu recipes.

So we came up with the idea of a private club membership. It was simple, elegant, beautiful and a bit crazy. Here's a preview of what you'll get when you join us on the inside:

  • No Ads, No Sponsors (Zero Ads Policy) – You'll not be distracted by any advertisements that ruin the experience, or the joy of reading & cooking. The MM Recipe Club is 100% supported by its readers. We don't show advertisements, nor do we have sponsors or investors.
  • Blazing Fast Website – Once you've logged in, you can say good bye to all those ads. And what's more, the site is optimized for faster browsing. It's like you've been upgraded to first or business class!
  • Personal Menu Crafting – For those who join The MM Recipe Club today, if you decide to host a party, we will personally help you craft a special menu!
  • Plus Much More – As a member, you'll also be privy to special offers and special bonuses!
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