Oats Payasam

Do you have withdrawal symptoms if you dont get to taste something sweet after lunch or dinner? I've seen some people eating spoonfuls of sugar, just like that, to satisfy the urge. Though I don't go to such dire situations, I crave for something sweet at times. This payasam happened on one such day.

Earlier I used to stock up something sweet all the time, but recently I've stopped that to form a healthy eating habit. These days, I snack dates or dried figs, when I feel like eating something sweet. But some days, I've this unstoppable itch to cheat. On such days, this is my go to recipe. It's a quick fix dessert. It's ready in less than 10 mins!

That reminds me… I should tell you something. Whenever I make the usual style of porridge with oats, it just tastes yucky! I know it's not an adjective you expect to see on a food blog. But that's the truth. Since there is so much of hype about “oats” these days, I wanted to include it somehow in our food. This payasam style suits me the best! I'm a big fan of anything with jaggery and coconut milk. From my experience, you can never go wrong with that combo.

Usually I don't follow any particular measurements while making this, I just throw in whatever I feel like. But, since I wanted to share this with you, I noted down the measurements last time. Still, I'd suggest you to use this recipe as a guideline and you can work on it as you go, to suit your requirements. It's an ideal recipe if you are looking for some healthy and nutritious dishes for your kids. I think they will like the smooth texture and sweetness of the dish. All in all, I'd say this recipe is definitely value for your time and effort, not to forget the money part too ;)

Since it's a payasam recipe, I thought I'll post this as Vishu special. Also, it's my parents wedding anniversary on Vishu day. If there is one thing that they both agree unanimously, it's sweets, especially payasam ;) They both have sweet tooth big time, so this post is for them too. Appa and Amma, wish you a very happy anniversary!

Wish you a Happy Vishu!

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