Sukhiyan (Kerala Snack)

For all those people who are not familiar with this dish, I will give a small introduction. This is a typical Kerala tea time snack. It's usually available in the local tea shops. It's very simple & easy to make & this is one of my favorite tea time snack, nalumanipalaharam :)

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Here is the recipe…

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Sukhiyan (Kerala Snack)

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Course: Appetiser, Snack
Cuisine: Indian, Kerala, South Indian
Keyword: Sukhiyan recipe, sugiyan recipe, Kerala snack recipes, veg snack recipes, Indian snacks recipes
Servings: 6 -8
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 1/2 kg Cherupayar (Moong Dal)
  • 1/4 kg Jaggery
  • 2 cups Grated Coconut
  • 1.5 cups Plain Flour
  • 1.5 cups Gram / besan Flour
  • 5 Cardamom ( crushed)
  • Water


  • Cook cherupayar in 3 cups water & drain the water completely. Make sure that it is not overcooked.
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  • Melt Jaggery by adding 1/4 cup water.
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  • When it melts add coconut, cooked cherupayar, and crushed & cardamom. Mix well. Make sure that the mix is dry. Remove from fire.
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  • Combine plain flour & besan flour. Add little water to this & make a thick batter.
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  • When the mixture (cherupayar+coconut+jaggery) is cool enough to touch, make small balls with the mix. Dip each balls in the batter and make sure it's coated well with the batter.
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  • Deep fry till it becomes golden brown all around.
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  • Hi Maria,

    Just a doubt. Do we need to soak the cherupayar in water before cooking? Is there anything else we could substitute for gram flour.

    All the recipes I tried so far from ur site came out really well.
    Thanks a lot again

    • Hi Alka,

      I usually dont soak cherupayar before pressure cooking.

      I havent tried substituting gram flour in this recipe, but if it’s a must, may be you can try rice flour.

      Good to know that you’ve liked the recipes tried from here, thank you :)

      Hope you get to try Sukhiyan soon and like it too..


      • Hi Maria,
        Advance Xmas wishes and a wonderful and blessed New year ahead…
        Really its very interesting going through your recipes and I usually suggest you blog for my friends as well…
        I always make sure to try your recipies if I am going to prepare special things for the kids and my Hubby..Really its a great help for me…
        Thanks and God bless

        • Hi Merlin,

          Thanks a lot for your wishes and wonderful feedback. Hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year. Thanks for recommending the site to your friends :)

          Wish you a great year ahead and happy cooking!


  • Maria, i made the stuffing for sukhiyan, last weekend… when i was about to make the batter, my husband disappointed me, since it’s a deep fried one, so i made a batter like aappam and made it like a thin dosa, and kept the stuffing inside and they ate it like that….. but it was awesome for our weekend rainy evening…. thank you.

    • aaha, so you made a new version of Sukhiyan, eh ;)? It’s one of my fav palaharam! Glad that you liked it. May be I’ll also try your version sometime..


  • I am new to ur site………………but i like ur cooking explanation and mouth waterign pictures also…………….from now everyday i check ur site and prepare variety food for my hubby and kids………………thanks

  • I am new to ur site………………but i like ur cooking explanation and mouth waterign pictures also…………….from now everyday i check ur site and prepare variety food for my hubby and kids………………thanks

  • Hi Maria, We tried this recipe after my husband insisted on making sukhiyan. I could never have imagined making this ever in my life. It turned out really great and the jaggery was the right amount. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Hey Maria,
    I have been following ur site since few months now. U r doing a great work.Keep it up! :)
    When I made the filing for Sukhiyan, it was not dry..I guess I added a lot of water while melting the jaggery. Is there something we can do if this happens?

  • Hi Maria
    I am new to ur site………………but i like ur cooking explanation and mouth waterign pictures also…………….from now everyday i check ur site and prepare variety food for my hubby and kids………………thanks

    • Hi Roshini,

      Thank you so much for visiting he blog & for leaving a comment. I do hope you get a chance to try the recipes from here. Would love to hear your comments too…

      Happy cooking :)


  • Thanks a lot for the Sukhiyan Recipe :))) It actually bought back my childhood memories with tears in my eyes. My mother used to make this dish as an evening snack on a Saturday or Sunday. After I lost my mother, I felt all the wonderful recipes that she used to cook, kind of died with her…. I’m very happy to find this recipe. I never ever imagined to ever find the Sukhiyan Recipe on the net, or with anybody. Neither my mother in law has ever heard about Sukhiyan, surprisingly. Thanks a tonn and God bless :)))

    • Hi Yasmine,

      Its good to know that this post brought you back good memories & reminded you about your mom’s recipe. I do hope its similar to what your mom used to make. Please do try it & share your feedback. I’d love to hear from you…


  • Hi Maria,

    Tried sukhiyan today. It was tasting gud but the coating was a bit hard. After keeping it in room temperature for a couple of hours, It was really hard….

    The ones we get from Kerala bakery are so soft, even if kept for days. Could you pls tell me the reason?

    • Hi Kavita,

      Thanks dear for trying this.

      About the covering being thick….

      1. was the batter very thick? Though the batter should be thick, it should have the consistency of something like Idli batter and should not be pasty in texture.

      2. Did you fry it in high flame?It’s ideal to fry it in low-med flame.

      If you have done the above two things correctly and still the coating was hard, I’m sorry dear…I’m not very sure why it happened :(

      Hope it comes out well next time, all the best!!


  • Hi Maria ,,,thanks for the email…
    .anyway i am goin to try 2day your sugiyan… hubby likes it….and this is my first time effort going to invest in sugiyan preparation…..

  • Maria, was the sweetness good enough for u in this one?…I added quite lot of jaggery in mine to reach my level……The first tim ei made this, i have used quite les, but wasnt sweet enough for me…but then I Added nearly 300 gm jaggery for 250 gm of cheruparayar. Thats my sweet level.

    • Hi Shabs,

      Yes the sweetness was enough for us. We both like it mildly sweet, enikku madhuram pettannu mattikkum :) Looks like you really have a sweet tooth ;)

  • Hello Maria:
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation. This is the second time I visited your blog this month. I stumbled upon it while searching for some recipe. I really enjoy reading thru your recipes. I hope to make that chicken mappas or this sukhiyan very soon…
    Keep up the good work.



    PS: I have a rather different blog; check it out when ever time permits.

    • Hi Rashmi

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and sorry for the delayed reply :(.

      Hope you’ve tried out mappas or sukhiyan and you liked it too, please do let me know your feedback.

      I will def drop in at your place :)

      Take care

  • Hi Reena

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Whether sukhiyan is same as modakam… i dont have any clue what modakam is :)… may be its the same thing & the name varies from one place to another.

    I visited your blog too, interesting one!!

  • Hi Maria, My first time here. I have never heard of Sukhiyan. Is it same as Modakam? From the recipe it looks so. The picture is very tempting.

  • Hello Maria:) how re u? Sukhiyan brought back loooots of childhood memories….this is my favourite snack too, I’m taking a couple from that ;) Mango salad sounds and looks great and yummy :) Will try next time when I get ripe mangoes !


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