Pineapple Cake With Crunchy Coconut Topping

The other day I got a comment on one of my old write ups. In that post, I’ve mentioned about Adukki Perukkal (organising) and how I’m NOT a big fan of it.

Seeing the comment, I went back and read the old post. While reading it, I was smiling, thinking that I haven't changed much from then. I’m still not a big fan of organizing (Adukki Perukkal), whereas Jose is getting more and more smitten by it.

Every now and then, he comes to me saying why don't we do a general clean up around the house, there is too much clutter. You might be thinking what a wonderful thought, the husband is offering to help with house cleaning, yeah yeah it’s wonderful, but there is a catch….

He wants to start the decluttering my wardrobe!! Now, you see where it’s going… It’s like he has this terrible itch to clean throw out my wardrobe, so that he can roll out the statistics the next time I’m on a shopping spree…

“You’ve this many tops, dresses, shoes, I don't see why you need more… you can spend less time deciding which dress to wear and what not…”

If you ask me, some itches are meant to remain like that… an itch, you don't need to scratch it and make it worse ;)

Ok, there’s one more thing that he so badly wants me to organise, my computer desktop!

I think my wardrobe organising skills are way more better than my desktop organising. For starters, I don't know how to organise, I’m clueless! I’ve food pictures everywhere… desktop, documents, downloads, hard disk… It’s just duplicated ‘n’ number of times.

Honestly when somebody asks me to share a full size food picture (for magazines or newspapers), it’s a nightmare for me – I start to panic. Add to that the slow pace of my computer and frequent crashing. Everytime, I run to him to get it fixed, he sure makes it a point to throw his weight around and give me a lecture about organising files and backups.

But Sankaran refuses to come down from the coconut tree, whatsoever ;)

Coming to this recipe… I should say I’m thankful for that reader’s comment. That comment got me thinking and I decided to be a bit more organised…

I started with my “to post recipes” folder. That’s when I saw the picture of this cake. I completely forgot about it!

I’m sure it has happened to you too, when you are organising your cupboard or wardrobe, you come across some forgotten things and honestly, that rediscovery make you happy. It almost gives you or help you to relive the moment when you first got it, don't you think so?

Anyways, I was very happy to “rediscover” this recipe. This cake is a combination of two flavours that I like very much, pineapple and coconut. If you’ve tried that combination, you know it’s a sure bet. The crunchy coconut topping with the pineapple layered in between soft crumbs of cake is a delicious experience. This is a winning recipe when it comes to taste and texture.

I do hope you get to try this soon and like it too…

Click Here For Recipe…

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