No Bake Cheese Cake With Caramel Topping

Have you finalised your Christmas Menu yet? Is there a vacant spot for a dessert? If so, here's a quick and simple dessert. No baking, no cooking (almost), just assemble the layers and a yummy dessert is ready! I got this recipe from my friend, Anila. She got it from one of her friends… A big thank you to whoever discovered this recipe :) Since you're busy with holiday preps, I'm not taking much of your time.

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But before you go…

 Jose & myself wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! May this festive season bring you joy, happiness & peace!

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Mariaaa!

    I made these last night and just tasted it after lunch and it’s absolutely yummy – just melts in the mouth. I was hesitant to make this as it uses coke as the topmost layer (I don’t like any fizzy drinks). Thought of trying it with some fruit jello like you’ve mentioned in some comments, but didn’t have any in hand. So I went ahead and made it with coke itself. And I am verrrry happy with what I got. It doesn’t taste like coke at all – the deep brown glassy texture is just awesome. My husband has already eaten more than half of the pudding! Can’t thank you enough for all the easy and yummy recipes you post here. You’ve made a lot of our lives much easier. Way to go dear! Merry X’mas in advance :))


    • Thanks a bunch Zerene dear for your wonderful comment! yeah the coke taste is not evident when you taste it.

      Great to know that you find this space useful, thanks :)

      Wish you too a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


  • Hi
    thank u so much for u awesome cheese pudding.our family get together i was a success.everyone want ur  recipes.thank u so much

  • hi i made ur pudding its turn out awesome.everyone had a surprise abt the caramel topping.thank u so much for ur wonderful recipe.everyone should try this.

  • kindly explain the layer of caramel mix .do we use milk as usually used to prepare creamcaramel or only the sugarsyrup yellow powder and coco cola .and also could u suggest a substitute for coc cola

    • Hi,

      The whole packet of creme caramel, including the sugar syrup & the powder mix, is mixed with coca cola.

      If you dont like the caramel topping with coke, may be you can try any fruit jellies instead. However I havent tried it with fruit jellies yet.


  • hi i liked ur no bake cheese dessert but have a doubt since i am gonna try it for the first time .regrdng the cream caramel mix ,do we heat the sugar syrup and the yellow powder together with coco cola coz normally when we make cream caramel we heat  the powder with milk and make the sugarsyrup as the base .can u explain that part a lil more and also can there b a substitute for coco cola

  • Hi Maria, this sounds yummm…only problem is in Bangalore I dont think I can get creme caramel, dream whip or kiri cheese. Can you suggest substitutes?


    • Hi Sangeeta,

      Thank you!

      I’ve given the substitute for dream whip in the notes section. Instead of creme caramel, you can try any jelly like strawberry or pineapple. Instead of kiri cheese, you can try cream cheese or mascarpone.

      Kindly note that I havent tried this dessert with the above mentioned substitutes. I’ve suggested the ingredients that comes closer to the ones in the original recipe.

      If you happen to try this recipe, please do share your feedback here.


  • tried it,,, nd it was super tasty,,, ,,, thnkzz a lot for sharing this recipe,,,, very soft nd tasty ,,,
    every1 liked it sooooo much,,,,,

  • Hi Maria, I made this dessert today. But, didnt like it so much. Sorry to say that. I didnt like the Coca Cola taste in the topping. Maybe plain caramel would have been better or some other topping. So, I had the pudding without the top layer. :( But, then, it was not sweet. And desserts are sweet endings to a meal. Sorry for being such a bad critic. Felt, maybe, I should tell you so that you can give us ideas. For example, in the middle layer, can I add some sugar, if so how much, to have it sweet? And could you suggest another topping without the Coca Cola taste? I saw the below comments and I know many of your followers loved it. Maybe, its just me :D I have tried many other recipes of yours. I am a great fan of your Idivettu meen curry… Me and my husband had loved that curry… Thanks Maria..

    • Hi Noor,

      Its ok…. You dont have to feel bad. The taste very much varies for each person, so :) Nice to know that you like the meen curry recipe, thank you!

      For topping, may be you can try any other fruit flavoured jello like strawberry, pine apple, lemon etc; Also if you want to add sugar, you can add powdered sugar/icing sugar while whipping the cream. Again the qty depends on your taste. You can start with a small qty & do a taste test & add accordingly.


  • oopps sorry :) you have already written above how many servings we get :) didnt notice.. thanks for the recipe and a million thanks for the product pictures… bcoz most of the recipes just say cream, cheese etc. and u find so many brands and so many varieties when you go to the supermarkets that I get so confused… thanks maria..

  • Hi Maria

     Happy new Year!!!

    But this recipe ingredients are disappointing. It is truly Bahranised…It will be great if u can suggest Indian alternatives for Pound Cake and whipping cream powder.


    • Hi Tres,

      Thank you & wish you the same.

      This comment shows that you didnt read the recipe completely ;) I’ve given the amount of liquid whipping cream for the recipe in the notes section.

      Also, instead of pound cake, you can use the butter cake. Please check out the link below. But make sure to moisten it well with sugar syrup.


  • Wishing you a very Happy New Year, filled with loads of happiness, good health and wonderful blessings. May all your wishes come true.

  • hi maria,
    Wishing you and your hubby a merry christmas and a happy and exiciting new year. i enjoy ur blog and the wonderful recipies on it , but most of all i enjoy ur comments ,do keep up the good work
    God bless

    • Hi Ashwini,

      Thank you very much for your sweet & kind words & wishes. Nice to know that you enjoy this little space :)

      Wish you and your family a happy & blessed new year!


  • Hi Maria,

    In fact i was desiring to have a new dessert for this X’Mas and there came your No Bake Cheese Dessert. Thanks a lot for your apt posting. My hubby, children & their 2 friends we all enjoyed it. It was awesome and also you made easy to get the ingredients. Maria, i appreciate your method of presentation. Well done dear. Keep it up. Your blog have really helped me to improve my cooking talent.  You are a blessing for many.Let God bless you more & more. 

    • Hi Janu,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely comment dear! I’m glad that the recipe reached you at the correct time & that it was liked much by your family :)

      I’m honored to know that you find this blog helpful. Thanks again for your kind words and wishes.

      Wish you & your family a happy & blessed new year!


  • Maria kutti…Such a simple and lovely recipe..Me and amma were just talking about you and she told she tried out your pineapple mousse pudding yday for a dinner get-together and everybody just luvvvdd it…What Christmas plans? Wishing you and Jose a very Merry Christmas !! :)

  • hi maria,, 
    i tried cold cheese cake last sunday along with your dragon chicken recipe,,, yumm yumm yumm,,, i tried posting a comment that day,,, something was wrong with my system or server,,, i dont know,, couldnt do it..  and you wont believe it, my husband and me are still working out the fat away!!! before that the next cheese recipe is here.. i’ve not tried my hands at baking yet… forever grateful for your yummy recipes,, they’ve earned me a lot of compliments.. thank you maria,,, I envy your dedication,, in the way you present and the lovely way the pics look and hmmm,,, i dont know,, for the guaranteed good taste… this is the only place from which i can shut my eyes and try any recipe… so far i have made many things from here,,, i’m quite new to cooking and this confidence of able to whip up anything yummy means so much :) thanks again :) and wishing you and jose, a merry merry christmas this year, and let it bring you a lot of happiness and good health in the coming year :)

    • Hi Fari,

      Thanks a ton dear for your wonderful comment & lovely wishes. I’m really touched to read your comment :) Great to know that you find this little space helpful. Thanks again for the encouraging words, I appreciate it very much.

      Wish you & your family a Happy & Blessed New Year!


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