Lemon Parfait

Do you know what I thought after having the first mouthful of this dessert…. why cant I come up with recipe ideas like this on my own. It's just some yummy, basic, readily available ingredients put together to get this wonderful dessert. There is no time consuming or complicated steps. Yet, I couldn't think of anything like this, why… why?

I was reading a book the other day. In that, the author mentions about a chinese saying “frog in the bottom of a well” (just like the Malayalam saying “pottakinattile thavala”). The frog looks up and sees only a single circle of the sky; he thinks he sees clearly, but “he doesnt know how big the outside world really is”. Sounds familiar? Sometimes I feel, I'm like that frog. I'm stuck in my own little world, thinking that this small circle constitutes the whole world, comfortably resting on my familiar environment. I agree, at times this helps.. but the longer you stay in the bottom of the well, chances are you get stuck there!

Though I'm not a resolution kind of person, this new year, I wanted to do something to expand the horizon of my little world. There is something in particular.. I want to read more about food, different kinds of cooking, different techniques of cooking, learn about new ingredients and those kinda things.. May be, then I'll also be able to come up with something like this, what say ;)?

That reminds me… do you believe in taking new year resolutions? Are you able to keep up with them? So.. what is your resolution for 2013? Please dont tell me, your resolution is to stay away from food blogs ;)

Coming back to the recipe, as I said, it's a very easy one with minimal effort and to top it up, it's a good looking dessert ;) So shall we go and whip this up?

Click Here For Recipe…

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