Eggless Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake

At the risk of sounding like a fairness cream or a shampoo salesperson, let me tell you… this cake offers one solution for 5 different problems:

It's eggless!

It's alcohol free!

It's caramel free!

It's last min fruit cake which requires very little soaking time!

It's super moist and soft!

Eggless Xmas Cake
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Another thing I like about this cake is, it's a one bowl cake. Yes, you heard it right and you can make it with a manual whisk! See, it's that easy and simple. I've been getting requests for an eggless, alcohol free, brown sugar using, less soaking time required Christmas fruit cake for the past 2-3 years. So this year, I was on a mission to bake a cake which ticks all those columns. This cake absolutely fits the above requirements and more. Whether you use egg or not, alcohol or not, this is a must try cake! You can have my word on it :) This cake is going to be on the list of “my most fav cakes”!

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