Eggless Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake

At the risk of sounding like a fairness cream or a shampoo salesperson, let me tell you… this cake offers one solution for 5 different problems:

It's eggless!

It's alcohol free!

It's caramel free!

It's last min fruit cake which requires very little soaking time!

It's super moist and soft!

Eggless Xmas Cake
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Another thing I like about this cake is, it's a one bowl cake. Yes, you heard it right and you can make it with a manual whisk! See, it's that easy and simple. I've been getting requests for an eggless, alcohol free, brown sugar using, less soaking time required Christmas fruit cake for the past 2-3 years. So this year, I was on a mission to bake a cake which ticks all those columns. This cake absolutely fits the above requirements and more. Whether you use egg or not, alcohol or not, this is a must try cake! You can have my word on it :) This cake is going to be on the list of “my most fav cakes”!

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  • Is sodium bicarbonate and baking soda same?
    In US we usually gets butter in sticks .Butter 85g means how many sticks should I use or cups?

  • Hi,
    I tried this recipe today. It was sticky and while baking it rise and then the Center of the cake came down. Could you please suggest what could be went wrong?

    • Hi Ann,

      Some of the reasons for the cake rising and falling are opening of the oven door in between, not the right oven temperature, overbeating the batter, underbaking the cake. The reason for it being sticky can also be underbaking of the cake. I hope this helps..

  • Hi Maria.. If I want to add nuts to this cake, like cashew nuts or almonds.. Should I soak them as well? Or should I adjust the qty of dry fruits to include the nuts and soak only the non nuts dry fruits?
    Thank you

  • Hi Maria, i am not someone who enjoys eggless cooking but you werent joking when you said this will be one of your favorites. I made your recipe two times this Xmas, once multiplying it by six! and once by four. I did do alot of tweaking especially in the preparation of the fruit, soaking it in orange juice and brandy. Followed your advice and added caramel to the batter, as well as heaps of orange rind, nutmeg , cinnamon and ginger powder. It came out so well, everyone was so appreciative. Thank you so much and God bless. I really enjoy your blog.

  • I tried this recipe today. Turned out to be nice and fluffy. Better than egg based cake. But it was so soft that it broke while demoulding. But taste is awesome.

  • Hai Maria mam,
    As my son can’t have eggs I am planning to make your recipe for eggless plum cake…. but one doubt …I feel the amount of butter is a bit less compared to other recipes…will it be dry because of reduced amount of butter….I want a moist cake…..

    • Hi Rose,

      I’ve used the qty of butter mentioned in the recipe for this cake and it worked out well for me. The cake was really moist too. Hope your son enjoys this cake.


  • Maria.. i wud kiss ur hands for this awsome eggless recipe… after trying various eggless plain vanilla cakes recipe i had found the ultimate one here.. i made it without fruits and it was sinply awsome..

  • Hi Maria, thanks for the recipe. I tried the Eggless Kerala Fruit Cake recipe last year for Christmas and it was a superhit. All my North Indian friends also loved the cake. I made it twice, once with apple juice and once with orange juice. Sorry, but I am not able to find it again on your site, please help.


  • Hello Maria,

    The cake looks awesome. I ve tried a lot of your recipes. All the egglesss ones definitely. This one was pending and am trying it out now. I noticed that you have added extra rum in the same cake with egg recipe but you have cut it out from here. I like the extra taste of rum too. Is there anything I should reduce to add that 4tbsp of extra rum?


    • Hi Gayathri,

      Thank you :) Great to know that you’ve tried recipes from here. I think you can add extra rum without cutting out any other ingredients. Hope you like this as well.

      Happy baking!


  • Hi Maria, impeccable recipe!! This recipe is such a hit and has taken the place of the most preferred cake in our home. So, we have Christmas quite often ;) and since we do, I wanted to ask you will it taste the same if the juice is of any other fruit? Like orange? thanks!

    • Hi Tanu,

      I’m really happy to know that it has become the most preferred cake in your home, that’s so wonderful :) Yes, you can try orange juice instead of apple juice. Thank you very much for taking time to leave a comment here.


  • Hi,want to try this cake,but one confusion ,if I soak fruits for 24 hours and then using them in cake, am I suppose to use the remaining apple syrup in the cake.

    • HI Maria, I tried the recipe today. I baked the whole mixture as per proportions mentioned in a 13*9*3 inch rectangle pan. The cake didnt fluff up much. Is that because of the size of the cake pan? In your notes, you mentioned that the mixture makes a 6.5 and a 7.5 inch cake. So, I made the whole thing in one cake tin(much bigger though). Didnt fluff up that much. Also, another question: How much should be the brown sugar & Butter mixture be whisked? Please let me know. I am hoping to make a better cake next time.

      • Hi,

        From your comment, I think the cake didnt puff up because of the bigger size cake tin. Please do try to use a correct size cake tin. Butter and brown sugar should be mixed till both is combined well and it doesn’t look like two separate things, like how you mix butter and sugar for other cakes.

        Hope it comes out perfect next time!


  • Hi Maria, I do want to make this cake without eggs and alcohol but wish to have a dark brown color. In your notes, you mention that one needs to use half of the caramel syrup given in your other recipe….but the other recipe is already only 1/2 cup of sugar versus the 1 cup of brown sugar mentioned in this recipe. Did you mean one should use the caramel syrup given in your other recipe as is? That would make it half as much as you’ve given here. Could you kindly clarify? Thanks bunches

    • Hi Shalini,

      First of all, my apologies for the delayed reply. Did you get a chance to bake this cake? Regarding your query, honestly I got a it confused after reading it ;) Ok, what i mentioned in the notes section is for a darker colour, follow the recipe as such and in addition to the 1 cup of brown sugar mentioned in the recipe, you can use half the qty of caramel used in the other recipe, that will be caramel made with 1/4 cup sugar. Hope it’s clear now.

      Wish you a happy new year!


  • Thanks Maria. I made it last night. the cake came out so yummy, was finished in a day.Thanks for the recipe.totally loved it.especially my little daughter,she never liked vanilla flavoured cake before but today she just wanted to have that for every meal.thank you for making her new year celebrations special.

    • Hi Shilpy,

      Great to know that the cake came out well for you. I’m specially happy to know that your lil one enjoyed this cake :)

      Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here.


  • Hi Maria! I tried this cake and have now posted it in my blog. The cake turned out so moist and delicious and we loved it. Thanks for sharing this superb recipe :). And wishing you a Merry X’mas Maria…

    • Hi PJ,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe and also for sharing it on your blog :) I’m happy to know that it came out well for you..

      You’ve a wonderful blog!

      Thanks for the wishes and wish you too a Merry Christmas!


  • Hi Maria I don’t know how’n when u impressed me.I haven’t tried any of u r recipe’s but went through them and became a fan of your’s&i am sure soon I will try cooking new dishes of ur recipes cause I am a good cook who loves to cook, feed’n eat.Merry Christmas Maria.

    • Hi Tripti,

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment :) I do hope you get to try some of the recipes from here and like it too..

      Thanks for the wishes and wish you too a Merry Christmas!


  • Maria, Thanks a ton!!!!!! I made this lovely cake today.. n it came out sooooo wellll tht it got over in a few seconds… My 2 yr old son n my husband hogged on to it as if they hav not had cake in the near future!!!

  • Will be trying this cake recipe without the sugar and minus the yogurt. For the binder, instead of yogurt, will be mixing in liquid malt. Do comment if adding malt might have an adverse effect.

    • Hi Ragu,

      When it comes to baking recipes, I rarely make any changes in the recipe, I tend to follow the recipe to t, since I do not have the requisite knowledge to make the changes. So I’m not sure wtr the changes you make will affect the cake. Sorry I’m not of much help :((


  • Hi Maria…Merry Christmas!! I just baked this cake today and it turned out very well…haven’t cut into it yet but I’m sure it will taste amazing…I also added a pinch of nutmeg along with the spices…hopefully it will work out…thanks a ton for such an easy eggless n alcohol free Christmas cake…!!!

    • Hi Nitya,

      Thank for the wishes and the comment :) Good to hear that the cake turned out well.. I do hope you liked the taste too..

      Yeah, adding nutmeg to this cake is a good idea!

      Wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year!


  • Hi maria!! Merry Christmas:-)
    Thanks 4 this recipe!! I am planning to do it 2day and have got d fruits soaked as well:-)the only doubt I have is what acts as binding agent for this cake?? And wat should be the consistency of the batter??

    • Thanks Sindu :)

      I’ve used yogurt instead of egg in this recipe, if that’s what you meant.

      The consistency of the cake batter is medium thick, it’s not tight and not runny.

      Hope you’ll enjoy this cake, happy baking!


      • Thanks for ur reply maria!! Cake was absolutely delicious.. :-) everyone at my home enjoyed it.( I used caramel and white sugar.) Only problem I had was there was a crack in the centre of d cake.. could you please suggest what might have went wrong?

        • You are welcome dear :) Great to know that you liked the cake, thanks!

          hhmm cake cracks because of a number of reasons.. if the oven temp is too high or if you overmix the batter, if you use a small size tin, if you check the oven in between..

          Can any of those be the reason?

          Wish you a happy new year!

  • Hi Maria,
    Merry Christmas dear!
    Thanks a lot for this recipe. The alcohol part was always holding me back from baking a fruit cake. And YOU solved the issue. I had a doubt. Should the fruits be soaked for just overnight(8-12 hrs) or 24 hrs. And should it be kept outside or refrigerated( fruits while soaking).

    • Hi Vineetha,

      Thanks for your wishes! I soaked the fruits for 8-12 hrs and I kept it outside.

      Hope you get to bake this cake soon and it comes out well. Happy baking :)

      Wish you too a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!


  • Dear Maria,
    Thanx for this recipe…. eggless plum cake…. sounds good…surely will try out this… Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas to you both.

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