Whole Wheat Eggless Cinnamon Cake

This cake can also be called a guilt free cake, yes it doesn't have eggs, butter and not even white flour. This is one of the best ever low cal/fat stuff that I ever had and believe me the taste is too good for a low fat stuff. This is pretty moist also.

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So all in all this is a must try for all those cake lovers who are worried about the high calories in the normal cake. I got the recipe from one of my friend's. She got it from the internet, but she doesn't remember the site, I googled it hoping to find the site, but couldn't. Anyways here goes the recipe of this amazing low carb cake.

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  • Dear Maria,
    Thank you again…This is the second time am trying this recipe.. The first time i hd tried it few years ago and to be frank that time i hd nt noticed the site..since then i hd been searching fr the recipe..
    Still wondering hw i missed as i am a regular follower of this site fr quite sme time. This time i tried with cocoa powder instead of cinnamon fr my daughter..vry happy tat it also came out well.. I mst say it is just too good fr a whole wheat eggless cake..
    Pls come up with more wholewheat baking recipes Maria.. I love baking bt want to avoid maida as much as possible..

    • Hi Philo,

      You are welcome :) Good to know that you liked this recipe. I havent tried the chocolate version, but sounds like a good idea. I’ll try to post more healthy baking recipes.


  • Dear Maria,

    I can’t let go without saying Thank you.
    My 2 year old was happy and excited about this cake. In her developing vocabulary she and my husband said Amma sooopera ;)
    I made it in microwave.

    Now its my turn Maria soooopera :)


  • Hi Maria,

    This recipe is interesting. I have a oven in which iam planning to make this cake. Can you please help me understand at what degree should i have to bake this cake for 30 min which i could not find in the recipe given.


  • I tried the cinnamon cake its taste was swesome but the cake did not rise not even it turned spongy i was let down it really was disappointing can i ask whyi dd follow the recipe given exactly

  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for this beautiful recipe, i love jaggery related foods.I don’t have oven.i want to make this cake in pressure cooker how much time to pre heat the cooker and how much time to bake the cake please can you mention the time now want to make it tonight excited sooo.

  • Hi! Maria,
    I had been searching for an alternative for all purpose flour and sugar when I saw ur recipe.Using whole wheat flour is tricky as it makes the cake more dense and I was very skeptical about jaggery but since I have tried out a few of ur other recipes and they have all turned out really well I went ahead.The cake was REALLY GOOD.I used grated jaggery which I added to the wet ingredients.The texture was great!Your motto “Tried and tested for you” really holds true.
    Thank you and hope to see many more recipes.

    • Hi Anupama,

      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback :) Really happy to hear that the cake recipe turned out well for you..
      Considering the ingredients used for this cake, it’s a very good cake ;)


  • hi maria,
    1)do we have to bake it at 200 degrees too?or is it just for the pre baking
    2)isnt 2 cups of sugar too much?

    • Hi Soumya,

      I preheated and also baked the cake at 200 degrees, but if your oven gets hot very fast, you can preheat and bake at 180 C. I felt the qty of sugar ok, it didnt taste too sweet for me :)

  • Hi Maria,
    I tried your recipe and it really came out well…now it is my kids favourite list, what more we need :) thanks for the lovely recipe…will share the pics soon :)

  • Hello Maria!! Would you believe it, I made your cake yesterday again- with a twist! Since I am lactose intolerant, I was always uncomfortable with yoghurt. Yesterday I put pureed Tofu in place of the yoghurt and the result was simply awesome. And now I can eat it without any discomfort whatsoever. Thanks so much for the recipe- this is the ONLY cake I can eat! I am uploading a photo too.

  • Hi Maria

    I love your website, a lot of my dinner preparations lately have been from here. I would really like to try this recipe on a MW and I can’t seem to find Sheen’s comments. Could you probably add that as a foot note to your post?

  • Hi Sumitha,

    Belated b’day wishes to your daughter! Hope she had a wonderful b’day!

    Wow a two tiered b’day cake with this one, eh? Who would have thought this simple cake could be that glamorous ;) That’s a great idea!

    Thanks a bunch for your comment dear….

  • Hai…
    i’ve the following doubts…
    a)can i substitute brown sugar with normal granulated sugar?
    b) instead, if i use jaggery, do i need to make a syrup by warming it with a little water (the way v do for any payasam) . then this cup measure is valid for the solid form or the syrup???
    c)can u plz update ur recipe with the measure in gm(dry ingredients) & ml (wet ingredients). that would b of great help.
    looking forwrd to ur response…. valli.

  • Hi Maria,
    I made this cake today. It is a lovely recipe. It came out well. I had a slight problem with the cooking time mentioned. I made my cake in the microwave. When I took out the cake after 30 minutes and checked it, the insides were runny. So I put it back again into the microwave for another 12 minutes, and the cake came out alright. And what a lovely cake it turned out to be! I also poured chocolate icing on it :) Thank you for a healthy cake recipe which I made a little unhealthy with a sugar coated chocolate icing :P
    I want your help. I have with me a gold colour cake spray can. I was using it for the first time. I just sprayed it on the cake but it did not look all that nice. How does one use colour spray on cakes?

  • Hi Maria,

    I made this cake today. It is a lovely recipe. It came out well. I had a slight problem with the cooking time mentioned. I made my cake in the microwave. When I took out the cake after 30 minutes and checked it, the insides were runny. So I put it back again into the microwave for another 12 minutes, and the cake came out alright. And what a lovely cake it turned out to be! I also poured chocolate icing on it :) Thank you for a healthy cake recipe which I made a little unhealthy with a sugar coated chocolate icing :P

    I want your help. I have with me a gold colour cake spray can. I was using it for the first time. I just sprayed it on the cake but it did not look all that nice. How does one use colour spray on cakes?

    • Hi Sulekha,

      Thanks for trying this cake and also for sharing your feedback here. Yeah, the baking time can vary for each oven…

      I havent tried using colour cake spray and I’m not familiar with it :( Sorry I’m of no help in that matter.. Hope you could get the required info..


  • Hi Maria,
    I liked your website and your recipe seemed very good and healthy, so I decided to try it. But as I was baking, I could see the cake wobbling on the top side. Was my consistency not right or???

  • I have been looking for a wheat cake for the longest time. this marks the end of my search. i’m gonna make it right away. thank you maria!

  • Hi Maria, I recently started following your blog and find your recipes very helpful. I tried this cake yesterday. The taste is just too good and it was soft too. 

  • Hi Maria, I recently started following your blog and find your recipes very helpful. I tried this cake yesterday. The taste is just too good and it was soft too.
    I only had one issue – the jaggery pieces had melted in some places unevenly. I read in one of your comments to a reader that you didn’t powder the jaggery before measuring. Can you please help me in avoiding this next time?
    Please keep your healthy dessert recipes coming. I look forward to baking more such yummy cakes/cookies, etc.

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Thank you! Nice to know that you liked this cake.

      I used brown sugar for this recipe and not jaggery. I think you might be referring to one of the reader’s comment who used jaggery.

      I will try to add more healthy recipes :)


  • Hi Maria,

    I like eggless cakes. So instead of egg in any of your cake recipes, can one substitute condensed milk? If yes, then what would be measure be visa vis eggs?

  • hi dear,
       today  i tried this cake and it was simply superb..since i do not have any idea abt brown sugar i used jaggery and i prepared this cake in pressure cooker..since it was my first attempt i used half the qty of ingredients mentioned here…anyway it s so soft n it melts in mouth….thank you so much for sharing this recipie
    maria i have sme doubts
     even if it was soft, it had many cracks on the top…(i ll try to mail the pic of my cake)how cn i get smooth top?

      since i dnt prefer the flavour of  cinnomon can i use vannila essence?will itadd better taste?

    • Hi Rani,

      Thanks a lot for trying this cake. I’m happy that you liked it.

      You can use vanilla essence, I think its ok.

      About the crack on top…. the common reasons for it are too high temp, over mixing of the batter, too much of baking powder or soda etc;

      Since I havent baked it in pressure cooker yet, I’m not sure, whether it has any role in the cracks…

      Anyways, I do hope it comes out perfect the next time :)


  • Hi Maria,

    Tried out this cake today. Came out very well.  Would never have imagined a cake with no maida, no egg, no butter and no sugar.

    Friends loved it too.

    Good wishes !!   Do keep up ur posts.

    Loved ur Gothambu payasam too.  Thx again !!

  • Hi Maria,

    Tried this cake of yours. Simply wonderful 1  Can’t imagine a cake with no butter, no sugar, no egg and no maida !!   My friends loved it too !!  

    So soft too, only in my anxiety to transfer it to cooling rack it gave way.

    Loved ur gothambu payasam too and passed it on to a few friends too.

    Keep up ur good postings Maria,  

    Best Wishes.


    • Hi Vijayam,

      Thanks a bunch for your comment! When I had this cake for the first time, I was also surprised like you to see a cake with only healthy ingredients and tasting good!

      Thanks again for passing on the recipes to your friends as well.

      Best wishes to you too..


  • Hi  Maria
    I am new to your siteI tried this cake yesterday .and thankx a lot it was a huge hit .My children just loved …they were surprised  to see Mamma baking cake using atta.Thanks again do post more recipes of cake with atta.Keep up the good work.BEST WISHESCheers Ambily

  • Hi Maria, 

    I tried this yesterday.. this cake is too good to be true for a low calorie recipe :) loved it!!!

    • Hi Jerin,

      I also think the same dear :) I’ve tried a new version of this with dates and no sugar at all. It was also great, but I forgot to write down the measurements. Have to bake it again to note down the measurements :)


  • Hi Maria, Tku for this wonderful recipe…I made this cake and it came out very well…tku soo much..here is the  pic…

    • Hi Priya,

      You’re welcome dear! Nice to know that you liked this cake. Saw the pic, it looks great! Thanks a lot for sharing the comment and the picture :)


  • Love u for ur cake :) will try it today for a friend who’s b’day is tomm but just detected with a heart problem …. Thanx again ….will tell u how the cake turned out :)

  • Hi maria,
    Tried your eggless cinnamon cake. Couldn believe you could make a cake with healthy ingredients and enjoy it. Everybody liked it. It was soft too. Thanks a lot.

  • …marvellous….wonderful…. cant even believe from AATTa …..a cake????!!! that too so delicious to be seen in picture…..

    Thanksssssssssss a ton….

  • hi,i make this cake.every one like it.thank you dear.i ask you tell me this cake made by using multigrain flour?please reply me……………

    • Hi Radhika,

      Good to know that this cake recipe worked well for you, thanks for the comment.

      I havent tried it with multigrain flour. But I guess you can… May be you can make half the qty n see how it works..


  • hi i made a cake using ur ingredients n ur reader sheen’s idea of microwave … well i dint hv cinnamon so i used cocoa powder… it didn’t cme out dat bad … infact its d first tym i made a cake dat one cn eat … lolxxx .. loved ur recipe … pls write sme mre easy ones for a novice like me :)

    • Hi Nindzi,

      God to know that the cake came out well for you, thanks :)

      Please check out the moist butter cake recipe, its a pretty simple & straightforward recipe. Happy baking!

      Wish you a happy new year!


  • Hi Pooja,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment dear! Its a pleasure to know that you like visiting this place. I’m glad that the cake came out well for you :)

    Please do try other recipes too when time permits…

    Happy cooking :)


  • Maria, I have been wandering through your site for close to a month now. And even without trying any recipe (for sheer lack of time), i still enjoyed coming and reading. You write well..
    Whileso, the eggless cake really caught my eye for two reasons, first that it was made with wheat flour and not maida (been hearing so many uhealthy aspects of maida of late) and it used no eggs, and very little fat content!! More importantly, going through the comments posted by people who tried it, I got the feeling that it was a sure shot winner. I am not quite a baker, but still went and made the cake two days back. It came out well and was an instant hit I was happy to see it all over in a jiffy. Wanted to thank you for this recipe as well as all the great recipes you share with your readers. I am going to try many more recipes from your blog and thanks for inspiring me:)

  • I was wondering if you could use cottage cheese in place of the curd or if you have a recipe you recommend for making the curd?

  • Hi Maria,

    Tried the out, and it came out really well… exactly the same as in the picture. Shared some with my neighbors too and they too loved it. Have referred your site to them :)
    Thanks for the recipe… you rock!

  • Hey Maria,
    You have made me a bakaddicit (I coined this word…ha ha ha…baking addict)..Just tried this recipe today and muawwww…to you. You are right, guilt free too…Waiting for you to post more such recipes..
    In th meantime take care and regards to Jose too.

  • Hey Maria,
    You have made me a bakaddicit (I coined this word…ha ha ha…baking addict)..Just tried this recipe today and muawwww…to you. You are right, guilt free too…Waiting for you to post more such recipes..
    In th meantime take care and regards to Jose too.

  • Hi Maria,

    I tried this cake. Followed the exact recipe. the only difference was to bake in a plastic bowl in MW for 7 mints instead of oven. But, i did not get the most upper layer as smooth dark brown as shown in the picture :( . . whole cake is of same texture. what am i missing?

    • Hi Richa,

      Thanks for trying this recipe. I’m sorry, but I didnt get it exactly..were you saying the cake wasnt moist or you didnt get dark brown colour?

      The reasons for cake becoming dry can be over mixing of the ingredients. You just need to mix the batter until all the ingredients are incorporated well. About the dark brown colour, it comes from using brown sugar. Also it depends on the browning of your oven.

      I havent yet baked in MW, so I dont know whether it has anything to do with this….

      Hope it comes out well next time, happy baking!


  • Hi Maria, I wanna try this recipe but finding Brown sugar has been so hard! Just checking…does it taste the same if i use jaggery? For other recipes too?? Thanks btw :)

    • Hi Grace,

      I havent tried it yet with jaggery, so I’m not sure about the taste. You can use regular sugar instead of the brown sugar. The color of the cake will not be the same & also the flavor might vary. I guess one of my readers have tried with jaggery. Please go through the comment section to see their feedback.

      Please do share your feedback here, if you happen to try this with jaggery. Happy baking!


  • Hi Latha,

    Thank you so much :) I’m so glad that the cake came out well and its so good to know that kids liked it. Thanks for sharing your feedback here.


  • Thank you for the wonderful recipe….The cake came out awesum, just like that we get in the outlet….so soft and tasted divine. I baked this for 20 kids and they just loved it and all thanks and credit to you!! Thanks a ton!!

  • Hi Maria,
    Great website.. I was just browsing through the cake recipes. I have a general question. Did’nt know where else to post it.. So here goes.. I have a stigma against using microwave ovens at home owing to the various health problems it would cause. Is there a non-microwave oven or normal oven available? What is the type that you use for baking your recipes?


    • Hi Shyama,

      Thank you :)

      You can use an electric oven for baking. I use that oven & not microwave oven.

      Its available in all home appliance stores. You can select the oven based on your requirements. If you are in India, may be you can buy an OTG, Oven, Toaster & Griller.

      Hope this helps…


  • Hi Maria,

    This is Tamanna, i was just goo-ogling and looking for some cake recipes spcly without eggs. After reading comments from everyone feeling excited its really tempting to make it at the earliest. I have alrdy bookmarked ur page… once i try i will post a msg too…appreciate on ur effort to reply each and every comment and posting all grt recipes.


    • Hi Tamanna

      I’m glad google brought you here :) Thanks for bookmarking.

      Hope you’ll like this cake. I’d love to hear your feedback.

      Happy baking :)


  • Hii baked this cake and it turned awesome….also once made it with mashed banana ,adjusted the qty of water…it was too good ..thankyou maria

    • Hi Manju,

      Thanks dear for trying this. Its great to hear that it came out well for you :) Also thanks for posting the comment.


  • hey i have a question. whenever i put raisins in my cake, it always end up getting burnt and get accumulated and burnt at the bottom i. can u tell me what is the trick. if i put them on top it sinks. wat do i do

  • Hi maria! I plan to try out this cake.want it to be coffee flavored! Do u think I can add instant coffee? if yes how much? Thanks!

    • Hi Tanu,

      You can add instant coffee. I guess 1 tsp of instant coffee should work. Please do share your feedback if you try this. I do hope you like it.

      Happy baking :)


  • Hi Maria,

    Tried the eggless cinnamon cake during the weekend. It was awesome. My children just gobbled it. But i have a few things to ask. I dont have an oven so I usually give my cakes to bake at the bakery. This cake did not rise so well as I had expected. Secondly, for the brown sugar, I powdered and added it. Even for the oil, I took 150 ml because on my cup measurement there is litre so I converted that into ml. Just reply back. Otherwise the cake was really good so moist and tasty.


    • Hi Vanessa,

      Glad to know that you tried the cake & liked it too. I’m not sure why it didnt rise so much. Did you use fresh baking powder/baking soda? If the rising agents are a bit old, the cake wont rise much, I guess.

      I usually dont powder the brown sugar, but there is no problem with powdering it. Though a little less oil wont affect the cake much, try using the exact measurement next time.


  • Dear Maria Guru,

    I was a person who hated cooking & so stucked to usual receipes my mom taught me for my smooth married life. But inspired from ur blog, I have developed a little interest now. So dear, with your blessings & praying for my hubby’s & kids good health, let me start my experiments. So, as it is X’mas I have selected the cake receipe as my first surprise to my family. But one doubt, mine is Onida microwave oven both micro & convention. How to preheat the oven? That too ‘to 180 C’ I don’t see any nos. in my oven. Pl don’t tell to check the book let or catalog. Only the oven is there nw. nothing else & I use it just to warm food. So pl. advice. Atleast tell me what u do in ur oven.

    Also I have cooking range. Electric/gas. I use only the stove part. Do u knw anything about baking in this. Which vessel u use in this & hw.

    Pl. advice in both. Can ur readers help me? Any way pl. don’t delay . x’mas is nearby, else have to postpone to new year. No guarantee about my interest.( doubts it will not go till newyear.)

    With love, ur Shishya, Aswathy,



    • Hi Aswathy,

      Its nice to know that you find this place helpful.

      About baking in MW, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not at all familiar with it. I guess you can do a google search n see.

      About the cooking range. I do my baking in my cooking range. It has an electric oven. I use mostly non stick baking pans and aluminium baking pans in that. You can use either of that.

      In the cooking range oven, I hope the temperature is marked. So you can start with preheating the oven for the said minutes.

      I do hope you could bake this cake for your family. All the best!!


    • Hello aswathy!

      I have been using ONLY my microwave oven for a few years now to bake anything and everything. i know u posted this months ago, but have you tried to bake in the MW yet? I have never preheated the oven even when the recipe asks for it as you said, even my oven doesnt have a preheat option. But all the cakes or cookies i’ve tried have always come out awesome! DO hope your interest is still there  :) i dislike cooking but love to bake :P God bless!

  • Hi Maria,

    I really like this recipe and want to try it. Can you post the metric measurements of the ingredients? It will be easy else cup size may differ..
    Or if you could specify your cup size…

      • Thanks Maria,
        I treid your recipe.. It came out wonderfully.. evrybody liked it, more when they realised it so healthy…
        keep posting more recipes like this…

    • Hi lakshniranidevidasi,

      It will be good if you use curd. However I think you can substitute curd with a mashed ripe banana. Since I havent tried it myself, I cant guarantee the results. But I’ve seen similar recipes.

      Hope it helps…


  • I have microwave oven. When setting the temp, should we set it on heating or convection. I am making cake first time.
    I have tried once and the top gets hard due to overheating
    I want a very soft cake with fruits. Can I do that.

  • Hi Maria !

    wow!, wonderful receipe !, healthy, i tried this cake in MW, it came out well just that i used milk instead of curd coz i ran out of my stock of curd, its very soft and no doubt healthy, not at all guilty in having one more piece. keep up the good job, and like sheen i looking up for a good receipe for apple pie, iam sure once u have that u will love apples… heheheh :-)

    • Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks again dear :) Yes, you can have not 2 may be more number of pieces without feeling guilty ;)

      I will keep in mind the apple pie recipe. I’ve bookmarked an apple cake recipe, which is almost like a pie, will post it if it turns out good :)


  • hi maria, i tried making this cake the upper part of the cake diidnt take much time to bake but the lower part of the cake was undercooked and moist i didnt keep the cake for a longer time thinkin it would burn .. i kept the cake in d upper part of the oven n kept checking it constantly and i had heated only the upper side of the oven .. i read ur previous comments n realised that i shouldnt do that .. but am i suppose to turn on the heating of the upper and the lower side of the oven?

    • Hi Disha,

      It’s usually recommended to keep the cake in the middle rack of the oven while baking, so that it’s evenly baked. Btw, is your oven a gas or electric oven?

      Though these days I use electric oven, I have tried baking in gas oven. In that case, I used to heat only the lower side of the oven and used to keep the cake in the middle rack and it used to come out well. However I suggest you use 2 layers of parchment/baking paper to line the cake tin to prevent the bottom from burning.

      However if you think that if the upper side is browning fast and bottom is not cooked, cover the cake with a layer of al.foil. It prevents from over browning of the cake.

      Hope I didnt confuse you more :)

      All the best. I do really hope that your cake comes out well next time.

      Happy baking!


  • hai nice ,healthy receipe what substitute can i have with curd neither i want 2 use egg is curd important?

    • Hi Rashmi,

      Thank you.

      I guess you can use buttermilk or sour cream or sour milk instead of yogurt. However I haven’t tried baking without yogurt.

      I think if you dont use yogurt, it might affect the texture of the cake.

      Hope this helps…


  • Hi Maria,
    Made this cake after ages for a party and had EVERYONE asking me for the recipe! Must add that we were all over 40 which is when people start thinking about health!! I made it without the baking powder and it still came out brilliantly. Wanted to chk the microwave comments but it must be an older posting and I dont have the time … will do so later. Thanks once again for a fantastic recipe.

      • @Maria,

        hi maria,

        the cake turned out well, although am not that great at baking. am on constant hunt for new recipes..will try even more from yours. nice meeting you

        good day!


        • Hi Sujatha,

          Thanks for the comment. So sorry for the delayed reply, I missed it somehow :(

          Happy to know that the cake came out well :)


  • I just baked the cake today and it actually turned out really good. I was unsure about the cooking oil so I used 1/3 cup Butter and 1/3 cup cream. I didn’t have any baking powder and still only used 2 teaspoons of baking soda. I did add a teaspoon of vanilla and topped it with slivered almonds and choclate chips.
    Even though i fattened it up a bit it felt nice to know it was made of Atta/Wheat flour.

    Would love more recipes like this!

    Thank you!

  • Oh! I shall give links to your site to Amma. She’ll be very happy to see it. What was your full name in school? And which batch were you in? (Amma needs stuff like to that remember…) She stopped teaching some time ago. But we keep running into her students all the time… She now spends her time cooking, gardening and praying for all of us.

    • Hi Neetha

      Sorry for the delayed reply, am in India now for holidays.

      Btw, Ansa miss mailed me other day. Thanks a lot dear for sending her the link. I was very happy to receive her mail :)


    • Hi Neetha

      I did my schooling in St.Joseph’s. Your mom was my class teacher in 8th & 9th std.

      Your name sounded very familiar to me and ammu mentioned to me recently that you were in US after wedding, anyways it was a wild guess :)

      Hows your mom doing now? Please convey my special regards to her, dont knw whether she remembers me.

      Anyways, happy to meet you here :)


    • Hi Neetha

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. Am on the look out for such recipes, will def post if I get some really good recipes.

      Btw, did you study in St.Joseph’s Kalamassery by any chance?


  • Hi Gunjan

    hhmm, now I’ve an idea why the cake was undercooked and subsided. If you open the oven door frequently, this can happen.

    I’ve read in some baking books, that you should not open the oven during the first 20-25 minutes of baking. (I used to do the same thing when I started baking initially)

    Anyways, all the best for next time :)


  • Hi Maria,

    I tried this cake today using jaggery. In terms of sponginess it turned out to be ok (not excellent). It looked similar to the one in the picture above. A couple of snags in my preparation:
    1. I found that the cake subsided a little while cooling.
    2. The bottom of the cake seemed slightly undercooked, didnt rise well and tasted a little doughy.

    Instead of a combination of nuts, I added grated carrot and chopped walnuts to this cake to make it more healthy for my kids :)

    • I also want to add that I baked at 350 deg F for about 40 mins. and checked with a toothpick. I am a novice at baking, so maybe I did not have the correct consistency of mixture or the size of the cake pan.
      If anyone has corrections or suggestions, please share.

      • Hi Gunjan

        Thanks for trying out the cake.

        Before going on to the other points, let me say something, am not a baking expert, so my explanations/clarification may not be very accurate.

        Regarding the sponginess of the cake, this cake is less spongy compared to the normal cakes. It may be because of the ingredients used.

        Am not very sure about the reason for cake subsiding.

        Regarding the cake didn’t rise well and other stuff, did you keep the cake in the middle rack? Middle rack baking ensures uniform baking.

        Hope it comes out perfectly next time. Also, thanks for sharing the tip about adding grated carrots.

        Happy baking :)


        • Yes the cake was in the middle rack. I am thinking I opened the oven a few times to check if the cake was done, that might have caused it to remain undercooked and subside a wee bit.

          I am totally sold to this recipe because of its nutritiional value. I am definitely going to try it out many more times.


  • hi Maria,

    i came up with this recipe while searching for my husband who’s a strict vegetarian, looks YUM! Just a quick question, in all your baking recipes do you use Celsius or Fahrenheit as units of oven temperature/ Ovens in USA are calibrated with Fahrenheit, and 200 seems kind of low.. so just checking! :-)

    • Hi Simi

      Thanks for dropping in and so sorry for the delayed reply.

      Its 200 degree celsius. Please do try out the cake and let me know.

      Hope you will like it.


  • Hi, I visited ur website for the first time & I liked the cake recipe without butter, sugar & mainly white flour(I have always tried to refrain from all-purpose flour as it is void of any nutrition). I usually make cakes once in a month for my children rather than feasting on the stale readymade ones. But the taste of the cakes prepared by me dont much appeal to my husband & me, only my children enjoy it & literally finish it in 2 days. But I think this new cinnamon cake will be appreciated by my husband too. I had always longed to make healthy cakes especially using wheat flour & your recipe would be the first healthy one. I request U to suggest me more of some healthy version cakes using wheat flour. Can I substitute wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour in all the cake recipes known. Will it affect the consistency & the taste if I do so? Pl answer me so that I am free from the guilt of feeding my children unhealthy home made dessert every month.

    • Hi Aradhana

      Thanks for dropping in. Happy to know that you liked the healthy cake recipe, please do try it. I will try to post more healthy cake recipes.

      Regarding substituting white flour with wholemeal, am not very sure about it. Sometimes it may affect the texture of the cake. However you can find many healthy cake recipes in the internet, which uses wholemeal flour itself.

  • Hi Neetha,

    I havent tried any substitutes for butter yet, but am sure there will be some and also these days you can find many recipes for healthy cakes online.

    Hi Lotta

    Thanks alot for visiting my blog and trying out this recipe. Ver happy to know that your family liked it. Adding choc chips is a wonderful idea, will try it next time I bake this cake :)

    Hi Rashmi

    Am really happy for you, so finally you got it right :).

  • Hi Maria,
    Finally got this recipe right.. with good brown sugar and baked at the right setting. It was lovely. I cut back a bit on the sugar and oil and it was still a great taste and texture. Many many thanks. I also halved all ingredients as I wanted a smaller cake and am now regretting it!

  • I came here through eggless cooking dot com, I saw the recipe and it was so simple I tried it immpediately .. and it came out so well ! Since I did not have nuts on hand, I put chocolate chips.. my kids like chocolate .. it was very good. Very nice .. thank you for a great recipe.

  • Hello Maria..

    I was wondering… have you come across a cake that is really tasty and does not have much butter? I have this friend to whom I gave one of my cakes, and she was horrified to find that it had about as much butter in it as maida… Since then she has been asking me for the cake “minus the butter”.. Is there anything that I can use as a substitute?

  • Hi…i tried your cake wayyy back and it came out super awesome.. unfortunately i dint book mark your site and dint write down the recipe…and today i found the recipe again.. I can’t tell you how glad i am to have found this recipe again…Just in time for my DH’s birthday..I’m going to bake this in the microwave.. where it takes hardly 6-8 mins to bake…I would appreciate more such recipes..Maybe a low cal version of the apple pie? Thanks anyways and yeahh happy baking!

    • Hi Sheen

      Really happy to know that you liked the cake. Hope you’ve bookmarked the site this time :) and wish your husband a very happy b’day!!

      If its not too much trouble, can you please let me know the exact procedure for microwaving this cake. Many of my readers ask for MW cake recipes, so it will be helpful for them too.

      Also I will try to post more low fat recipes in future.

      Take care

  • Dear Maria,

    I am a recent visitor of your blog…. Tried the cinnamon cake while we were on lent and I must say it came out “SIMPLY SUPERB”…. didn’t ever think I would get a cake so soft with ATTA!! My husband absolutely loved it….

    You’re doing a fabulous job….. especially for newly married gals like me…. Keep up the good work!!

    Can’t wait to try out more of your recipes :)


    • Hi Susan

      Very happy to know that you & your husband liked the cake. Thank you for letting me know about it.

      Please do try other recipes also and let me know, would love to hear from you.


  • Dear Maria,
    Thanks for this terrific recipe. My friends loved it. I made a small variation which I thought I’ll share. Since the atta we use at home is a mixture of wheat, soya, chana and barley flour (50: 15:15:20 proportion), I used that in place of ordinary wheat flour. The result was good!
    One thing..should I beat the mixture with an electric beater? I didn’t this time but I want to know will the result be better?

    • Dear Dipali

      Thanks a lot dear for writing to me. Really happy to know that you and your friends liked it.

      I usually use a manual whisker for this, havent tried with electric beater yet, so am not sure whether the result will be better.

      Also thanks for sharing the info about the atta flour. That’s a very healthy combo!! Really good one!!

      Please do try other recipes as well when you are free and let me know.

      Take care

  • hi maria
    Just went to your site and i prepared this healthy cake made of wheat flour and jaggery,
    it was tasty but not so spongy as a normal cake but was moist , can i have the spongyness in the same one or is it just the way it is.

    • Hi Sucha

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and trying out this cake.

      I usually bake it with brown sugar, havent tried baking with jaggery. So I dont knw whether jaggery affects the sponginess of the cake.

      However compared to the normal cakes, its a bit less spongy in texture. Please try making it with brown sugar, if its ok with you, and see whether it improves the sponginess.

    • Hi Sucha,
      I made this cake with powdered jaggery. Cake was lovely., but did not know that jaggery needs to be melted and strained in order for it to be clean. So my cake tasted real good but had sand and stones, which is not so good!! How did you use the jaggery? Did you melt and strain? The texture of the cake is a bit dense and moist and will not come out like a cake made with maida and eggs etc.

  • This recipe is lovely. Only hitch is that I had to use jaggery, which i did not know is very unclean/ has sand. Have not been able to find brown sugar in Bangalore. The demerara sugar I found listed as its ingredients ‘sugar, caramel!’ So do u think I shd boil/strain the jaggery and then use? This would change the consistency of the batter…. any suggestions anyone? Was so excited to find a cake recipe with all these healthy ingredients..and as is the cake has a great taste and texture.

    • Hi Rashmi

      Thanks a lot for dropping in.

      Its sad that you cant find brown sugar in Bangalore :(. Did you check in Fab India? They usually have the organic food stuff, though am not sure about the availability of brown sugar, you can give it a try as a last resort.

      Also I googled for brown sugar substitutes. I think its ok to use demerara sugar. Many websites have listed demerara as a substitute for light brown sugar. Pls check out these links:




      Since I haven’t baked the cake with jaggery, am not sure about it :(

      Hope you will be able to bake the cake real soon…

    • Hi Maria,
      Let me first thank you for that absolutely prompt response. I shall chk Fab India for brown sugar. And also ask around abt reliable brands of jaggery. Cos it does taste really good with the jaggery and I like the idea of using jaggery!

      • You are welcome dear :) Hope you get good quality jaggery soon.

        Please let me know if you bake the cake, would love to hear your feedback.

        Happy baking :)

        • Hi Maria,
          Found jaggery at Fab India. Also found an Australian brand of light brown sugar in Foodzone in Whitefield. So will be making yr cake again! First time it came out great xcept for the crunching cos of stones!!

    • Hi Rashmi,

      You get Brown sugar in MK Ahmed super market in blore. I too live in blore and have bought it from there before. Actually you get all sorts of baking stuff there.
      The one i go to is in HSR layout.
      Also the jaggery you get there is light brown and has no sand.

      • Hi Ida,
        Thanks so much. Will definitely check out MK Ahmad. I have one near me. The “Demerara Sugar” I found in a shop, listed as its ingredients ” Sugar, Caramel syrup” !!! I can at least pick up the jaggery since you say it is clean.

  • HI,

    Just wanted to let you know that I tried your cake for valentine yesterday and it came out absolutely delicious. I never thought that this cake would be so good and simple. Since we changed our diet to healthy version eliminating all white stuff. I wanted something healthy version and I found your cake. People might hesitate to try this but if they dont its a big loss for them. Thank you so much for sharing such a delicious and healthy recipe.

  • Thanks Bindu, happy to hear that you liked it :)

    Steph, hope you liked it.

    Thanks Geetha for your encouraging words :)I am not sure whether it is NDTV website, I got it from one of my friend’s.

    Poorniam, please try this and let me know your feedback. As I’ve said in the post, it tastes too good for a low cal stuff.

  • Hi Maria,

    I have started cooking recently after marriage. your blog seems to be a good guru.

    This cake is really simple for a novice like me to try! guess i will start my baking with this. meanwhile, is the website you mentioned that of NDTV’s? i remember seeing something like this in their cookery show!

    looking forward to see more recipes from you.

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