Eggless Chocolate Cake

Shall we bake? It's been sometime since we baked right? Here is something simple to put together, if you are in a hurry. I was searching for a simple eggless chocolate cake and google took me here. This cake is really moist and I fell in love with its colour :) I think, this will be my go to recipe for an eggless chocolate cake. What I liked most about it is, it isnt very sweet, even with the frosting. Just the right amount of sweetness for me.

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I wanted this cake to have a very homely look, because I was baking it for a friend… who is crazy about homemade baked goodies. So what do you think, does it look like a simple homemade chocolatey goodness to you?

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You ready with your whisk, measuring cups, flour and apron… shall we roll?

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