Blueberry Muffins Recipe

Its been sometime since my rooms are filled with the fresh baking aroma. Both, my hubby & myself, love it. It also brings me a nostalgic feeling.

Back home in Kerala our neighbor had a bakery. They used to make buns, bread, laddus etc at the borma (industry jargon for kitchen) behind their house. Our kitchen was closer to their borma. They made bread usually during evening time, just after I reached home from school. The moment I get this smell, I used to run to our compound wall, I even remember jumping the wall at times :) … talk about being hungry!

The activities @ the borma always fascinated me, the way they put the dough into the big oven and the way the crispy golden colored bread popped out spreading the heavenly baked aroma.

Now coming back to blueberry muffins, I had it only after coming to Bahrain and it was love @ first bite :)  I always wanted to try this but couldn't find blueberry. So when I saw it in the frozen section recently, I grabbed quite a few bags, that my husband wondered whether am into blueberry hoarding business ;)

This recipe gives you a very moist muffin.

Click Here For Recipe…

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