Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I never knew it was so difficult to get a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I've tried 3, 4 recipes before this one and was not happy with the outcome. Every time I made it, Jose (my hubby dear) used to find something or the other wrong with it, mostly the texture and oh ya.. the cookie used to get burnt also :(  I had to scrape the bottom layer. I guess I haven't tried any other dish this many times to get it right.

Though I bake cake often, cookies are still new to me. I came to the conclusion that cookies dont like me :( I even thought of  giving up the idea of baking cookies, but hey wait a min…

Anyways after seeing the recipe in Cafe Cakes book by Australian Women's Weekly, I decided to try my luck again. The success of Family Chocolate Cake from one of their books, gave me the motivation  and I was not disappointed :) The texture was right and most importantly, it didn't get burnt! Cookies do like me :)

This is the first cookie post in my blog  and am very happy to send this to Home Made Christmas Gifts event hosted by Happy Cook.  HC, hope you will like this small treat :)

HC, this is for you:

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