Achappam (Rose Cookies)

The first time I visited Dubai was during my college days. I was amazed by everything, the towering skyscrapers, the huge shopping malls, the blinding glitz radiating from the jewellery shops in gold souq, the international brands which I’ve only heard and read about, be it restaurants, clothes etc;

The second time I visited Dubai, was soon after my marriage. We just went for a weekend trip, visiting friends and family. This time I noticed something else, apart from the grandioseness of Dubai. The more I visited friends and family there, I saw an emerging pattern. Apart from “wowing” you with a food spread extending from one end of the room to the other, any food related sentence is prefixed or suffixed with the term “ithu naateenu ullatha, ketto” (this is from home, take note). If you’ve ever visited your friends or family abroad, I’m sure you must be nodding your head in agreement ;)

Today, almost all “nadan” items are available here, that too surprisingly better quality compared to back home. People have even started saying that you should go to Dubai, not Kerala, to see the real spirit and celebration of Onam! Whatever said and done, “naadu” and “naadan” items are very much a sweet nostalgia to the majority of Malayalees.  As I’ve mentioned here, maybe it’s because anything you love, be it – a person, place or thing, appears to be more dear or beautiful in your mind when it’s taken away from you.

The so called “marunadan” Malayali still tries her best to keep up with the traditions they are familiar or grew up with and it’s most evident sign is the food. I think this is especially true during the festival season.

No festival is complete for us unless and until we enjoy the taste of food that reminds us of home. At least, it’s true in my case, I make sure to make at least one thing that reminds me of home during  the festival season. So this time, I made Achappam for this Christmas season.

I dont know why, but for sometime, I had it in my mind to make Achappams this Christmas instead of regular cookies. Unusual I know…

If you aren't familiar with Achappam, it’s a fried cookie kinda snack, may be that’s why it’s also known as Rose Cookies. I like it mildly sweet, but there are sugar coated Achappams too. It’s a traditional Kerala snack, which is now easily available in all bakeries. It’s one of my fav fried snack to munch on.

There is no fun in holiday cooking or baking, if you dont have company right? So I called my friend Sheena, got the recipe from her mom and we had a great time cooking, eating and gossiping ;) We both got very excited when the first Achappam slid off the mould easily, so much so that with the over excitement and enthusiasm the second one got stuck ;)

So now the recipe part, I was really surprised how simple and easy it is to make Achappams. The only tricky part is frying it, but am sure you’ll get the hang of it after 1 or 2 trials :) I’m sure homemade Achappams make a great gift during this holiday season.

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Thank you Maria, the achappams came out quite well, but the oil started bubbling and frothing after sometime. Any idea what could have caused it?

    • Hi Priya,

      Thank you :) About the oil bubbling and frothing, whether the heat was high by any chance? Also, another guess, sometimes when you’ve egg in the batter, it may cause frothing. I havent experience that while making achappam, but I’ve heard people saying that.


  • The taste And texture was on point! The first 15 or so came out perfectly and then I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the temperature coz it was sticking to the mould. ( the mould has been seasoned for 3 days ). Thank u for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  • Hi Maria, thanks for this recipe..i tried it for christmas and it came so perfect, just the right consistency and taste family and friends loved it.

  • Love you Maria???? right in time for X-mas. My favorite sweet. I tried many times but it failed. It turns soft later. I can eat dozens! Hope this receipe turns out well… far your receipes have never turned me down. Will make it along with your X-mas cake. Will let you know how the acchappam turns out.

    • Thank you so much Minnie :) I do hope it comes out perfect for you. Mine also, one or two became soft, the trick is in getting the correct heat level. If the heat is too high, Achappam will brown quickly without getting cooked properly. Try frying it on the smallest burner of your gas for better heat management.

      Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!


      • Hi Ann and Maria,

        I bought the mould last time we went to India. Finally got a chance to test it this past weekend. It was so easy to make. Nothing to do to the mould at all. Just put the mould in when u warm up the oil and voila the batter just slides off.

        Good luck,

        • Hi Ancy,

          Thanks for your comment :) Did you use a non stick mould? I guess may be seasoned moulds are available now, in that case, you can use it easily :)


  • I liked how you started with Dubai story and ended with naadu and naadan items ..smooth flow of topic and i didn’t even notice where the context was headed to when i started reading it but it blended so well that i forgot how it started :D I love achappams too..I should have brought one from India during my last visit but I was debating with myself about my probability of making such a hard snack vs buying it..seems like not so hard now from all your tips and notes here ..and that is a lot of tips which are going to help a lot of people like me who have been afraid to try this recipe so for so long.. and merry Christmas in advance..planning to make your fruit cake next week.. dry fruits been soaking for 10 days now.. :)

    • Hi Priyanka,

      I havent tried it without eggs. But a google search shows similar recipes without eggs, so may be you can just omit the egg and try. May be you can just test with a small batch and see whether it works.

      Pls let me know how it turns out if you happen to try it :)


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