Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

How about we have some soup this week? Weather here is nice and apt for a bowl of steaming soup. Moreover these days whenever I meet a group of people, at least half of them is coughing, sneezing or feverish. All the more signs that calls for a hot soup.

I also have a hidden agenda in posting this recipe. Dont get me wrong, it's all in good spirit. I always wanted to update my old posts with new pictures. So at the beginning of this year I thought I'll take it as a separate project to update my old recipes. Honestly I dont like doing that.. It reminds me of my student days. If I've to study something new, I dont mind doing it, you learn something new, something interesting. Then comes the boring part, revision! I used to hate doing revision. Were you like that?

Revisiting old posts was kinda like that, but I knew this is something I had to do. Surprisingly, I did manage to update quite a few posts like Fish Molly, Nadan Beef Curry, Chicken Mappas, Malabar Chicken Curry, Rainbow Sandwich and now this one.

This time I not only took new pictures, I also have step by step pictures and also a note on how to make Chicken stock. I get a lot of mails/comments asking how to make chicken stock. So this post deals with that query. Btw, I'm not sure how the stock is made traditionally, I'm listing the method which I use.

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  • Hi Anu,

    You are welcome dear :) Great to know that you’ve been trying recipes from here for more than two years. Please do say my thanks to your sis for introducing MM to you..

    I do hope you get to try the soup soon and like it too..


  • For veg soup what to add instead of egg ? I have tried many recipes but the soups dont taste like the ones from knorr or maggi. What is the secret ingredient in them which makes that base?Also pls tell me the ing. for veg stock.

    • Hi Deepti,

      Now that’s a difficult question for me :(( I’m not sure what you can add in place of egg.

      I dont use Knorr or Maggie soup, so I’m not very familiar with it. But I guess they must be adding some flavour enhancers for the taste.

      You can add any veggies of your choice and follow the recipe for chicken stock.


  • Hey Maria…Tried out the chicken soup yesterday..but that was the older version where vinegar and soya was not ter..but it turned out well….:)..will try out the new version soon..I also tried the stuffed chicken bun ..it was just yummmmm..I have the pics with me..will send it to you soon..thanks for the wonderful recipes


    • Hi Resh,

      Thanks a bunch for the comment! You can try out the new version of the soup when time permits. Hope you’ll like it.

      I’d love to see the pic of recipes you tried from here.


      • Hey Maria..

        I am really bad with photography and presentation :)..not everyone can be an all rounder like you na :)..hehe…but most of the time even before I could take a pic, my husband attacks on the dish…so I dont have pics of everything that I have tried out..But will def make it a point to take pics from now..for now pls find below some of the pics…

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