Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

How about we have some soup this week? Weather here is nice and apt for a bowl of steaming soup. Moreover these days whenever I meet a group of people, at least half of them is coughing, sneezing or feverish. All the more signs that calls for a hot soup.

I also have a hidden agenda in posting this recipe. Dont get me wrong, it's all in good spirit. I always wanted to update my old posts with new pictures. So at the beginning of this year I thought I'll take it as a separate project to update my old recipes. Honestly I dont like doing that.. It reminds me of my student days. If I've to study something new, I dont mind doing it, you learn something new, something interesting. Then comes the boring part, revision! I used to hate doing revision. Were you like that?

Revisiting old posts was kinda like that, but I knew this is something I had to do. Surprisingly, I did manage to update quite a few posts like Fish Molly, Nadan Beef Curry, Chicken Mappas, Malabar Chicken Curry, Rainbow Sandwich and now this one.

This time I not only took new pictures, I also have step by step pictures and also a note on how to make Chicken stock. I get a lot of mails/comments asking how to make chicken stock. So this post deals with that query. Btw, I'm not sure how the stock is made traditionally, I'm listing the method which I use.

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