“Multitasking” being the mantra for today’s woman, nobody wants to waste their time, resources and effort by experimenting, especially when they are pressed for time, right?

Tell me something… how do you decide whether to try a new recipe? Is it based on the ingredients list or style of cooking or visual impact of the dish, good memories associated with the dish or because it was recommended by somebody whose taste you trust, or by tasting it, or do you go by your instincts?

I’m sure it varies for each person, for example my sister-in-law will try a new recipe, only after tasting it from somewhere else. If she sees a recipe in a magazine or cookbook or even a blog ;) – she wouldn’t try it, but if she happens to taste something and likes it, then she tries it at home.

So what’s your criteria for trying out a new recipe? I’ve seen that people often prefer to try recipes from a trusted source, say like their family, friends or a trusted cookbook author or cookery show host.

For me, it’s a combination of all those things. Though a combination of all those things works, most of the time I decide on a recipe based on ingredients list and style of cooking. But at the end of the day, nothing convinces you to try a recipe, like tasting the dish for real.

Take this Paniyaram. I’ve seen the recipe for Paniyaram in many books, shows, blogs etc; but I used to think, what’s the big deal, it’s just some fried idlis, it can’t be anything more than a “glorified idli”. Well, sneaking a bite from a friend’s plate at a restaurant changed my opinion of it being “just some fried idlis”.

This dish is a great example of what great difference a simple tadka could do to a  normal food. It heightens the flavour and takes it to the next level.  The wonderful texture of crunchy exterior and spongy inside is worth experimenting. Also, it’s a great way to use up your left over Idli batter. Hope I’ve convinced you enough to try this ;)

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  • my criteria for trying out a recipe…..
    .Ahh ! its in marias menu.. it got to be EASY and TASTY…. love u and ur recipes dear..

  • I ve never commented here i believe though I always check this site n tried sooo many recipes n many of them have got a place in my recipe book. One other thing I love is how u write up. It has some sincerity to it n very light too.
    I don’t check here every now n then , bt when im in a mood to try something different I come here first. And start reading all the unread posts then decide the recipe.
    my cooking style is , simple methods, availability of ingredients n time mostly.
    I never had a chance to have paniyaram n want to know whether it can be made like u make vada. I don’t have a unniappam pan

    • Hi Ninu,

      Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback here, appreciate it very much :)

      Great to know that MM is the first place where you check out recipes..

      I havent tried making Paniyaram like that, but I think it should be ok..

      Hope you get to try it and it comes out well.


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