Eggless Banana Oats Choco Chip Pancake

Here’s a simple and healthy breakfast recipe using oats. I usually get mails asking healthy recipes for kids. This can be served as breakfast or can be packed as tiffin or as an evening snack. Isn’t that wonderful?

What I liked about this recipe is, it doesn’t have the overpowering taste of banana and the combo of banana and choco chips works really well. Also it’s a good way to use oats, if you are bored of having porridge all the time. You can customise this recipe to suit your particular diet requirements as well, please check the notes for the same.

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  • Hi Maria,

    Thanks for this healthy recipe..Oats ,banana and Apple are the three things that my son hates the most. I have tried all possible ways to make him eat these three stuff…but failed :( ..when I saw this recipe today I couldn’t wait to make it for my son ..cos it is “oru vedikku randu pakshi “..oats and banana :)..So I made this for evening snack today ..And Eureka!!!! Vava just loved it and he ate one full pancake..Thanks a ton Dear….Now I need to find a way to make him eat apple :)…Today, I was not having honey at home so I added 1 Tablespoon on powdered sugar instead…And it was really good…Thanks once again…

    • Hi Resh,

      I’m especially thrilled to know that your son liked this. Since kids are usually picky eaters I’m always happy to know that they enjoyed the recipe posted here :)

      Thanks for sharing the pic too..


    • Hi Shiran,

      I havent tried using wheat flour for this recipe, but I guess you can. However the texture will be different, also you may need to use more milk since the batter can be very thick when using whole wheat flour. Please do let me know the result, if you try it.


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