Erachi Pidi (Rice Dumplings Cooked in Spicy Meat Gravy)

Unlike previous years, this year I was very sure about what to post as Easter Special. For a change, I planned things in advance ;)

Savoury version of Pidi (Rice dumplings) was something new to me. We make a sweet version of it called as Unda Payasam as evening snack. The very first time I had savoury/spicy pidi was in Bombay, at one of our family friend's house. But there the pidi was served on the side with chicken curry. The second time I had the savoury version was a few months ago, when my friend Sheena made it. The dish was loaded with flavour. This is a Malabar / Calicut version of Pidi. I guess the core part of the masala, ie the roasted coconut gravy remains the same in all the versions. Sheena was kind enough to come home and cook this dish, so that I can take the step by step pictures and share it with you. Thanks a ton dear :)

This is a one pot dish like biriyani. You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Suit yourselves ;) It's kind of a lengthy procedure when you look at the recipe as a whole. So do one thing, break it into different parts and I'm sure you'll breeze through it. Though I've given the beef version, you can make it with chicken, mutton or even prawns. Anyways, my fav is the beef one!

I'm posting this recipe in advance, so that you can plan things accordingly. I very strongly recommend you to try this one, trust me, you are in for a treat my friend.

Wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter! May the Lord Bless you abundantly! Have a great time with your loved ones :)

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