Cinnamon Rolls

The white star hanging in the verandah of my parents home, welcomed me when I landed in Kerala a few weeks ago. Yep, I went home for a small holiday. I wanted to tell you before I left, but some confusion at the last minute and it didn't happen. Anyways, how's your Xmas preps going on?

Here's something that you can include in your Xmas goodie bag to gift your friends & family. Now, what shall I write about Cinnamon Rolls…. I've a soft corner towards cinnamon rolls or should I say Cinnabon? I still remember the day I had Cinnamon rolls for the first time, 31st Jan, 2005. That's the day I landed in Bahrain for the first time, as a newly wed :) Cinnabon was the first place that Jose took me in Bahrain. Even today when I see a Cinnabon shop, I remember my first day in Bahrain!

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I fell in love with Cinnamon Rolls from that day and that love affair is still going strong. I never thought I'll bake these at home, because I considered it too complicated to bake @ home. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try, because I wanted to bake something different from the usual cakes. The first time I baked it, I wasn't very happy with the results. But the simplicity and ease of making it motivated me to try again. I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Now, this will be a regular in my baking list. Hope you will also enjoy these sweet little Cinnamon Rolls.

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  • Hey Maria,

    If i add the dry ingredients and the egg to the wet mixture that is hot, wont the egg get scrambled?

    Also, is it fine if I use active yeast and follow the recipe as is?? Don’t I have to soak it in water to activate it?

  • Hi Maria, I made these cinnamon rolls today. It was a huge hit. Everyone loved it:-) we are still licking our fingers, and the house smells divine!-)

  • Hi Maria,
    Whenever I visit malls, and I pass through Cinnabon .. ohhhh the aromaaaa. Ohh myyy….. n I came through your recipe and dedicated to give my weekend in preparing and voiiilllaaaa…. it came out amazing…… sooo thankful to u Maria my dear… .. well I had nobody to taste it… I wish I had my loving hubby here…. :) .. see d pic .. again Thank You


    • Hi Subi,

      Your pic made me craving for Cinnamon rolls, it looks perfect! I’m glad you decided to try this recipe. Thank you so much for your comment and also for sharing the pic.

      I’ll post it on FB page :)


  • Hi Maria,

    Tried out these Cinnamon rolls today..I was so tempted to make this after seeing the pics of your cinnamon rolls..But the rolls that I made dint come out like the one you made…:( :( :( ….I think it was with the way that I rolled the dough…but it did taste good :) :) :) ..Anyways I am gonna give it another it is said ” try and try until you succeed” ;)…I have attached the pic of my “not so good looking” cinnamon rolls :P

    • Hi Resh,

      How are you?

      Sorry dear for the delayed reply. I’m in Kerala now for holidays..

      Good to know that you liked the cinnamon rolls. It looks good to me :) I shared the pic on FB too, hope you saw it.

      I do hope next time it comes out perfect for you in looks and taste, all the best!!


  • i made tis one along with the pineapple praline on my hubby’s bday ,it turned out grt, i made it without egss ,reducing the amount of yeast and adding baking powder,,thnkzzz a lot dear u inspire us to cook the ones v think impossible,, i never thought i wld make cinnamon rolls ,as u have said above i thought the rolls were too cpmplicated to make.. but now my hubby says he want it regularly… :D

  • Maria,

    I missed those cinnabons I used to eat from some mall in the US now I am happy that I could make it in my kitchen with your receipe. It was well received and my toddler just loved it! My recepie search was going on and on and I found yours easy and best!! keep going!
    Warm regds,

  • Maria,

    Cinnabon was some thing I loved and wanted to bake since long, I went on checking one recepie after the other and recenly saw this from you. Tried it and it came out really 2 year old baby loved it and was againa sking for it the next day!

    Thank you so much for all your ‘ tried and tested’ recepies…

    • Hi Renu,

      I’ve given the measurements & ingredients based on my trials. May be it doesn’t require water, but I havent tried that way. You can always customise it to suit your requirements :)


  • Hi Maria :)
    I made these Cinnamon rolls today and they turned out soft and yummy :) Thanks again dear for such lovely recipes :) hehe.. it looks like I have become a big fan of your baking recipes cause at home every other day I keep trying something new from your recipe list :)

    • Hi Blessy,

      Thanks again sweetie! Sorry I couldnt rep earlier, was caught up with something. Your cinnamon rolls looked great! It has browned nicely & evenly! I’m happy that you liked it.

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Wish you a happy & Blessed New Year!


  • Hi Maria
    These cinnamon rolls are great. It came out very nice. Very good tea time snack. Pls post recipes like these. 


  • hi Maria
    let me first tell u that i absolutely love your blog :)..i tried those date raisin n oatmeal cookies n my whole family is addicted to them:P
    i had been searchin for a good cinnamon rolls recipe n was ovrjoyd wen i saw ur new post..m so gonna try these…just wanted to ask about the plain it atta or maida?dooo tell coz i wana try makin them tomorrow :)
    n all the best for the future…happy recipe posting :P

    • Hi CC,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment! It’s a pleasure to know that you like this space & try out recipes from here :)

      Plain Flour is maida. Hope your cinnamon rolls turn out well. Happy baking!


  • That look sgood maria….How r u, hows life?…..Ur cinnamon roll reminded me that i have mine rusting in drafts!Loved the new look.

  • Maria, nice to have you back. Yup.. cinnamon rolls are the best. Had them from  Rotiboy a long time back. Your post brings back memories. :)

  • Hi Maria,

    You made me nostalgic too, with this post. The cinnabon aroma is something that stays with you for life…I miss Bahrain for those reasons… Cinnabon and Hol n One.

    This post just nailed it, never expected to see cinnmon rolls recipe here :) Now i’ve got to try this…. The picture looks like they came out perfect.

    Few questions —
    Did you use a cake mixer?
    do i need to use powdered brown sugar?
    The picture looks like it was taken before the frosting … if i plan to make this without frosting, would it be okay?

    Too many questions i guess…

    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Ida :) I also was addicted to Hol n One in the beginning, but now I’m controlling myself ;)

      About your queries:

      1. I didint use a cake mixer or any other mixer.
      2. I was referring to the soft brown sugar, which is almost like powdered. I’m not sure how it is if you use brown sugar granules. But in some recipes, I’ve seen them using regular sugar as such, so I guess it should be ok.
      3. Actually the pic is taken after frosting. I didnt use much powdered sugar, so the glace isnt visible in the photo. Though it tastes good even without icing, I suggest you try it with icing for once :)

      Hope I’ve clarified your doubts & dont worry about too many questions :)

      Please do try it & share your feedback. Happy baking!


  • hi maria
    should we mix the dry ingredients (for cinnamon roll) into heated butter milk mixture while it is still on fire.. or should we remove the wet ingredients from fire?

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