Chicken Pie

Sometimes I get mail, asking me whether I'm into pickles and condiments business. It seems there is a brand called Maria's pickles! Well, it's not mine. I'm not into any commercial ventures…yet. Ohh yes, there is always a possibility of starting something in the future. There is no harm in dreaming about things, right? If wishes were horses…

Ok, so my dream is… I dont know whether I told you this before, anyways… my dream is to start a bakery and coffee shop sometime. That reminds me of another one of my was my dream to start a boutique for Salwars. There is a slight problem though.. I dont think I'll be able to sell any pieces, because I'd love to keep all those Salwars for myself ;) Anyways, coming back to bakery… I love bakery, because it's always filled with so much of positive energy and life.

Tell me, why do you go to bakery usually? Ok, the reasons that usually take me to a bakery are

: if I want to just hang out with my friends and relax

: If I want to celebrate any special occasion

: to get some goodies if I'm visiting friends

etc etc…

Did you notice anything common in the above reasons? It's all kind of happy situation.People usually go to bakery when they are happy, right? and I want to be a part of their happiness :) In short my bakery/coffees shop should be something like Central Perk in Friends. I better stop describing my bakery… Even otherwise, Jose always complains that I live in my own La La Land. If I go on with the bakery description, you might wanna support him, so…

Talking about the menu in the bakery, I'd love to keep it pretty basic. I love to serve food which people can relate to. I dont want anything fancy schmancy, I want simple and tasty food. I want to have the kind of food that welcomes you and comforts you and not the type that intimidates you. So if and when I start a bakery, this will be one of the items in the menu! It's a kind of dish that makes you happy and content!

It's a simple pie, you can either have it as a main dish along with some salad or as a starter. It's a good choice for brunch too…

Please dont get scared seeing the length of the recipe. I assure you, it's a simple one.

Click Here For Recipe…

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