Thin Crust Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

You were expecting this recipe after seeing my last post right ;)? I’ve been getting requests for Pizza recipe since ages. Well, here is the recipe you were waiting for!

Since it’s a thin crust Pizza, it’s very light on tummy. You wont feel full even after having a few wedges. If you are looking for a thin crust pizza recipe, I strongly recommend you to try this. It’s a pretty straight forward recipe. For me, a Pizza without Pepperoni is incomplete ;) But you can use your preferred topping. For veggie options, you can skip pepperoni and follow the rest of the recipe. Btw, if you are trying this recipe, it would be great if you could use the homemade Pizza Sauce. The sauce enhances the flavour.

It’s a good recipe to entertain also, a bowl of Pasta Salad along with this will make a delicious meal.

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Wow.. Didn’t know the ingredients for pizza are so readily available ones. I am going to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    Can I use cheddar cheese alone? Is it going to affect the taste?

    • Hi Sinchu,

      Yep, it’s pretty much basic ingredients. Hope you get to try it soon :)

      I’ve made it using with just cheddar and I liked it. So yes, you can make it that way too..


  • Hi Maria,
    I am a regular follower of your recipes, tried this pizza recipe it came out very nice my son just loved it,thank you for this easy recipe also ur recipes are very easy to follow

  • hey Maria!!
    Tried this out today and it was tasty.

    Only problem was the centre was soggy and uncooked:( I rolled out the dough in 9″ size and the thickness was little more than chappathi. Baked in MW for 20 min. Could u pls tell me where i went wrong. was the size too big?? i faced the same problem with quiche recipie too :( pls help.

    • Hi Betz,

      Thanks for trying out this recipe… from your comment I guess the middle portion is not getting cooked well.

      I think if the base is thicker in the centre and thinner towards the edges, the edges will cook faster and the middle portion may remain under cooked. It’s better to roll out the base in uniform thickness.
      Also which setting do you use for baking? Try to use both top and down setting while baking…


  • Dear Maria,
    I never thought that making pizza would be this easy!!!
    It came out really well, soft and tasty. Everyone in my family liked it, esp my kids.
    Thanks a lot.

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