Erachi Pola (Meat Cake)

So, do you remember me saying about a special recipe that we tried along with Samosas? This is it!!! It’s a meat lover’s treat! When I gave it to Jose the first time, he thought it was meat quiche :) Actually, it’s very similar to a crustless quiche.

Jose’s quiche reference got me thinking… The two recipes (this one and quiche) come from completely different cultures and use two different cooking styles, but somehow ends up having similar taste. Yet again, I’m amused at how food can bring together people by connecting them with familiar tastes!

Pola is a traditional Malabar dish, which is similar to cake, but made without an oven. It can be sweet or savoury. You can make a wide variety of Pola using eggs, bread, banana, apples, meat etc; I remember bookmarking a Kaipola (banana pola) recipe long time ago, but never got to try it.

Erachi Pola
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This is a very simple recipe and absolutely easy to put together. If you have some left over meat dish, it’s even easier to make. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish and I’m sure I’ll be making it again and again and again…you got the point right? You can have it for brunch or as a snack or for lunch like we did ;)

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Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones!! 

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Hi Maria, how do you remove the erachi pola out from the cooker? Would you suggest to put a baking sheet at the bottom of the cooker before pouring the egg mixture? Also how do we cook this in the saucepan? same time?

    • Hi Ann,

      My apologies for the delayed reply, I was on a small break. You can transfer it to a plate, just like you remove a cake from a cake tin.

      There is no need to put baking sheet, make sure you grease the cooker nicely and pour the mixture. Yeah, it’s same time for saucepan too.


  • Hi Maria, I tried this recipe today.. it tasted awesome.. but my bottom crust completely got burnt and stuck to the pressure cooker.. any idea what could have gone wrong.. I cooked it in a 3 ltr pressure cooker with the whistle on for 7 minutes.. when i opened, one half was cooked well and the other half was uncooked.. please help

    • Hi Aswathy,

      Thank you :)

      Did you make sure to grease the pressure cooker nicely? Also did you happen to cook it on high flame? Make sure you grease the cooking dish nicely. Also make sure that cooker is positioned in such a way that there is equal distribution of heat.

      Hope this helps..


  • Thankuuu so much…. It was great… When I saw sides getting brown, I thought it was gone… Still it was great

  • Hi Maria,

    Tried this last week. loved it totally.

    however, it got stuck to the base of the cooker. i guess a bit more ghee was required. But anyway, it was awesome!!

  • hi..glad to see good reviews..I have some questions – 1) you have said pressure cook for 10 mins. & check it at 7 mins., will we able to open the pressure cooker in between? Wont pressure build up, as we will be putting the weight?
    2) If in case we open in between & it is not cooked, do we put the lid back on with the weight for rest of the cooking time or cook it open?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Merlin,

      My apologies for the delayed reply.

      If you are cooking it in a steamer, you can check it in between. If you are cooking in a pressure cooker, you may need to wait till the pressure drops and if it’s not cooked yet, you need to put the lid back on with weight and cook for some more time.

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