Beef Podi Masala (Beef Fry With Roasted Coconut Masala)

Whenever I buy beef, it's a challenge for me to try a new recipe with it. Being a hardcore fan of typical Kerala beef fry, I always end up making that. If you've ever tasted the Kerala beef fry, I'm sure you'll agree with me. The very thought of it just makes my mouth water, huh!

Recently I had a chat with one of my veggie friends.. she was saying she turned veggie, after seeing a butchery very closely. For that matter, my Appa turned vegetarian at the age of 19, because of Ahimsa! Quite often, people are surprised when I tell them that my Appa is a vegetarian. Because a Nasrani (Christian) from Changanacherry, being a vegetarian is almost next to impossible for many! I also had similar feelings in the past but I never succeeded in becoming a vegetarian and I blame this beef fry. All my will power just vanishes with a snap, when a plateful of dark brownish blackish beef fry, flavoured with black pepper, curry leaves, thenga kothu (coconut bits) and coconut oil, do I need to say more?

Since it's been ages I've posted a beef recipe here, I decided to try this recipe halfheartedly. Though beef fry still retains the top slot, this one is a close competition. It's similar to the beef fry, but the fried coconut just gives a different flavour altogether. If you like beef, I recommend you try this recipe. You can have it as a starter or as a side dish. I had a bowl full of these while watching a movie ;)

Ready to roll with the recipe?

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  • I make beef very rarely bz of my hubby’s health consciousness. Last night i told him to get half kg beef to make new year special and he bought Pakistani beef. By the time i started searching for beef recipes in MM and found this recipe interesting. I have just finished cooking.ITS AWESOME.. Your recipes are amazing

    • Hi Twinkle,

      Thank you so much! I’m really happy to hear that MM was a part of your New Year celebrations. It’s one of my fav recipes of beef and I’m glad you liked it too.

      Wish you a Happy New Year!


  • It sure does Maria, thank you.
    Could you direct me to a post that can be modified for chicken/beef livers? We are trying to start to eat liver but can’t stomach it even when breaded and pan-fried in butter.

    • Hi Sophie,

      I’ve never cooked liver, but I remember eating it during my childhood days. I guess you can use the beef fry recipe to make it.

      Hope you like it.


  • Hi Maria,
    What cut of beef do you buy (for fry as well as curries and biryani)? I sometimes end up with tough cuts. Not sure what to ask the butcher for as I dont cook meat much.

    • Hi Sophie,

      I dont have an answer for this, Sophie :( The thing is I buy Indian beef, from an Indian store, they dont say anything about the cut n all.

      However, I remember my cousin in US saying, she buys stew meat to make Indian recipes. Hope this helps..


  • I tried it today! It was yummy and a big success with my family. Looking forward to trying more from you. Already bookmarked a few recipes! :D

    • Hi Salma,

      Great to know that this recipe was a hit with your family :)

      Hope you get to try the bookmarked recipes soon. Thank you so much for leaving a comment here.


  • No hindu would ever try this recipe, I hav unsubscribed from your website after seeing these. Not a single indian food website even the top listed, are showing these absurd recipes about beef.

    • Beef is an essential part of Kerala food.. I can understand a pure vegetarian feeling awkward and violent seeing a detailed non veg recipe.. But a selective non-vegetarian has no rights to crib about the other meat options. If you had the same feelings towards chicken,fish, pork or mutton, you too could have become a pure vegetarian. Food habits and preferences are a matter of personal choice and hence should be respected. no one is imposing anything here. You can take it or leave it. As simple as that. By the way Great work Maria!

    • There is a saying”kittatha mundiri pulikkum”,try a piece of it and u will convert to beefism from Hinduism.please stop associating food with religion.

    • That’s so mean… You dont eat beef doesnt mean Maria should not post a recipie on her page…

      Maria, By the way I’m a hard core fan of your beef fry… I make it for all our small bachelor gettogethers and is always awsome… I learnt cooking from my mom but actually mastered it from ur site… I’ve cooked almost all my dishes after consulting your website once…

      Thanks a lot for sharing all this wonderful recipies…

  • At times i used to cook special recipes…I too tried this wonderful dish was awesome…everyone liked…Thanks a lot…I am also from a place near changanasserry….

  • I tried your Beef Podi Masala today and it was out of the world. Simple recipe that enhances the dinner settings ,esp when you have quests.

  • I tried your Beef Podi Masala today and it was out of the world. Simple recipe that enhances the dinner settings ,esp when you have quests.

  • Hi Maria, I tried this recipe with mutton the taste turned out to be great but i made a little blunder, over cooked the mutton a little. Apart from that everything turned out great :-)

  • Hi Maria, tried this recipe with mutton, the tatse turned out to be great. The only blunder i did was over cooked the mutton a little :-).

  • Hi Maria, tried this recipe with mutton,the taste turned out to be great. The only blunder i made is over cooked the mutton a little :-) .

  • Hi Maria, tried the recipe with mutton it turned out great. The only blunder i made is over cooed the mutton a little.:)


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