Kallu Shappu (Kerala Toddy Shop) Style Beef Fry

I was all set to post a chammanthi recipe, like I promised here. But then with the celebration of  Team India winning the Cricket World Cup happening all around the place, how can I just post a chammanthi recipe? So here's a spicy beef fry recipe, to balance out all the sweet celebrations :)

I know you must be wondering why I'm posting a beef fry recipe again. I've already posted two beef fry/olathiyathu recipe. I dont want to sound like a marketing person saying this product is way different from the usual ones you have seen ;). But let me tell you, there is a DIFFERENCE, try for yourself & you'll know what I'm talking about.

Also about the phrase “kallu shappu style” ….I've never been to a kallu shappu (toddy shop) or even the famous karimbinkala shappu family restaurant. Though kallu shappu is an unfamiliar territory to me, I've my connections to get the shappu recipe ;)

Do you remember Sarasa chechy, my amma's assistant? I got this recipe from her. Her husband is a cook in a kallu shappu. Though Sarasa chechy refuses to admit that her husband has any influence on her cooking style, I believe this beef fry has shappu style written all over it. So those of you who have “shappu” experience please do try this and share your feedback. Hey,that doesn't mean others cant try this…

So go ahead, try this shappu style beef fry & spice up your victory celebrations :)

Please find the picture of shappu beef fry made by Ramya Rajesh, based on the above recipe. Thanks a lot dear :)

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