Prawns Biriyani

Different & spicy recipe. Seafood lovers will enjoy it.

  1. Prawns – 1/2 kg

For Marination

  1. Ginger garlic paste – 1 tablespoon
  2. Chilli powder – 1 tablespoon
  3. Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  4. Garam Masala – 1 teaspoon
  5. Salt

For Masala

  1. Onion – 1 big
  2. Crushed ginger & garlic – 1 tablespoon
  3. Green chilli – 2-3
  4. Tomato – 1
  1. Rice – 1 cup
  2. Water – 2 cups
  3. Crushed Cinnamon, cardamom & clove (wholemasala) – 1 teaspoon each
  4. Ghee – 2 tablespoon
  5. Salt
  6. Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon
  7. Chopped coriander leaves – for garnishing

Marinate the cleaned prawns with ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala & salt for 15 minutes. Cook the marinated prawns till it is half done. Boil 2 cups of water with wholemasala & keep aside.Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a pan & fry the rice till it starts cracking. Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in another pan & saute onion, crushed ginger & garlic & green chillies. Once the onion becomes soft add tomato. When tomato becomes soft add half cooked prawns together with oil & stir well. Add the fried rice & mix well. Add salt, lemon juice & boiled water along with spices. Cook till the rice is done.

Garnish with chopped corinader leaves.

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  • Jeena

    Tried prawns biriyani….taste gud

  • Maria

    Thanks Geena, keep trying other dishes & let me know the comments.

  • manisha

    thanks so much for this yummy recipe. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet but it looks great :)

  • Egy

    I made it today, superb

  • Maria

    Hi Manisha

    Please do try it out when you’ve time, am sure you will like it :)

    Hi Egy

    Thanks a lot for trying it out and for writing to me :)

  • chin

    I followed your style of prawn biryani for my pregnant wife. This came very tasty. We enjoyed like anything. Thanks for the recepie.


    • Maria

      Hi Chin,

      Thanks for taking time to post a comment here. Very happy to know that you both enjoyed it.

      It’s so sweet of you to cook for your wife :)


  • shubha

    hey !!!!!!!!!!!! my mom prepared it yesterday it was fantastic

    • Maria

      Shubha, thank you and special thanks to your mom too :)


  • shubha

    i suggested my mom to prepare d dishes which r written in mariasmenu thanks 2 reply maria de

    • Maria

      Hi Shubha,

      Thanks for the recommendation dear :)


  • C

    Hi Maria,
    I tried this recipe today. it came out really well, my hus loved it !!..
    ive tried out your pavakka theeyal recipe and it came out really well too !!
    btw im from cochin too but currently in uae :)

    • Maria

      HI C,

      Thank you so much for trying out the recipes from here and also for leaving the comment :). Appreciate it very much.

      Nice to know that we both are from same place and now in the same region :)


  • Jenny Justin

    Thanka maria for this easy & tasty prawns biriyani recipe, I must say you made our day. The biriyani was just tasting so awesome & yummy. My hubby he loved the biriyani. Thanks.

    • Maria

      Hi Jenny,

      hey dear, I’m so sorry ..I saw this comment only now :( missed it somehow…

      Anyways I’m so glad that you n your family liked it…

      thanks again dear :)


  • Anuradha

    Hi Maria,
    I happened to see your website when I was searching for prawn biriyani. I tried this recipe and the outcome was very good. Thanks for the lovely recipe!!!.

    Now after going through your website , I plan to try many more :)


    • Maria

      Hi Anuradha,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe. Great to know that it came out well for you :)

      Please do try other recipes too…hope you will enjoy it.


  • A. Rods

    hi maria,

    i loved the recipe…i tried it just now since today is my in laws parents anniversary…and it turned out superb…thank u so much.hoping to try more of ur recipes.



    • Maria

      Hi Rods

      Thank you for trying this recipe. I’m glad that you liked it :) Belated anniversary wishes to your in laws parents.


  • Shereena

    Hi Maria,

    Firstly, hearty thanks for such a superb blog full of wonderful recipes………

    I tried this recipe but with slight shortcuts.

    Instead of cooking the prawns earlier, i cooked all the ingredients in 1 go (i hv a small kid at home, so time is a major factor :) )

    Before sauting the onions, i put in all the whole masala, then onlons, tomato and wen they were done i added the prawns also, so the flavuor of the prawns mixed well with onions n tomato and cooked for about 5 mins(half cooked). Then added fried rice and rest of the recipe I followed sincerely :)

    • Maria

      Hi Shereena

      Thank you so much dear :)

      Nice to hear that you tried this recipe. Thanks for sharing your tips, it sounds great. I’m sure that the readers of MM will also find it interesting & helpful :)


  • Melissa Vipin

    Hi Maria

    Love your website! I’ve tried a lot of your chicken recipes and a few beef ones and all turned out amazing!

    I want to try this one for my husband. I was wondering how do you cook the prawn first? fry? boil? I’m new to cooking prawns, I’ve only ever boiled them in a recipe my mother in law taught me.

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks a bunch! Nice to know that you’ve tried recipes from here and liked them too…

      In this recipe I’ve cooked the prawns in a pan. Heat a little oil and add the marinated prawns. It’s not fried.

      Hope your biriyani comes out well, all the best!


  • sandhya

    hay Maria, tried ur prawns biriyani………..It was a super hit over here. Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing this recipe.

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Sandhya,

      You are welcome dear! Great to know that the biriyani was a hit at your place.

      Thanks a lot for the comment!