Unniyappam – Vishu Special Recipe

Unniyappam Recipe

You see... I wanted to post something special for Vishu, more like a Payasam recipe. I even zeroed down on Kadalaparippu Pradhaman, but then I happened to remember one of my "proclamations" - I'm giving up sweets from 1st April till Easter. I'm not sure why I go around making

Pachadi – Kerala Onam Sadya Recipe

Pachadi - Onam Sadya Recipe

For the past couple of days, most of my conversation starts or ends with "Onamthinentha paripadi"? (what plans for Onam) So let me ask you, Onamthinentha paripadi? All set for the celebration? Well, I dont have any major plans for Onam, apart from making some Paysam. So if you want to invite

Kootu Curry – Onam Sadya Recipe

Kootu Curry

I told you a few weeks ago about upcoming Onam recipes here, remember? This dish is quite close to my heart, since it has my fav veggies Chena (yam) and kaya (Raw plantain). If you don't count the prep work of veggies, this recipe is easy to make. I used

Kalan – Onasadya Recipe

Kalan Recipe

Onam is around the corner, right? You can expect some sadya recipes here in the coming weeks. Let's start with one of my fav item in sadya, Kalan. Wait there is some correction in the previous sentence, my first and foremost fav item in sadya is payasam, especially jaggery based

Oats Payasam

Oats Payasam

Do you have withdrawal symptoms if you dont get to taste something sweet after lunch or dinner? I've seen some people eating spoonfuls of sugar, just like that, to satisfy the urge. Though I don't go to such dire situations, I crave for something sweet at times. This payasam happened

Thakkali (Tomato) Rasam


Have I told you before that my brother and myself, got married around the same time? Yep, within a gap of two weeks. So during that time, me and Divs (my SIL), used to call each other every now and then to share our wedding preparations. We used to discuss at length

Mathanga (Pumpkin) Erissery – Onam Recipe

Mathanga Erissery

This is one of my favourite item in a sadya. Also, this is one of the veg dishes that I learnt to make during my initial cooking days. I've been wanting to post this recipe here for a long time, but it happened only now. Anyways, what's a better time than Onam

Kerala Olan – Onam Recipe


I was on a mission to try some sadya recipes at home and decided to make Olan. I went through the recipe, made a list of things to buy. That's when I realised I've never bought Ash gourd (kumbalanga) before. So while I was at the shop, just to make

Gothambu (Broken/Cracked Wheat) Payasam

Gothambu Payasam

Here is a sweet treat to celebrate Vishu. I think I've told you before..that we dont celebrate Vishu on a large scale. I try to make payasam every year and that's the only special dish on Vishu day. However there is also another celebration for me on this day. It's

Happy Vishu

Kerala Sadya

Its been sometime right? Well.. I was a bit busy for the past 2 weeks or so. Btw, thanks a lot for your encouraging response for the Sweet Punch initiative. We will be updating you wit more details shortly. So, how's your Vishu preparations going on? Planning to make sadya?


Aviyal 1

I was quite happy after making this dish. It's not everyday that I make an aviyal and it turns out great. I should say that I'm more comfortable cooking Kerala style non veg dishes than the veg ones. I do make the normal stuff like thorans and mezhukkuperatty. Elaborate ones

Sambar Recipe


I've got requests from some of you for a sambar recipe. All that time, I never thought I would be able to post its recipe here. During my initial days of cooking whenever I made sambar, it was close to disaster. Finally, I resorted to some ready made mix of

Happy Onam….

Onasadya dishes

Hope you are set for the Onam celebrations. As I've mentioned before in this space, I have made full fledged Onasadya only once, for the first Onam after our wedding. After that I haven't made one, mainly because I didn't have to. We were invited by some of our sweet