Mango Avocado Salsa With Pan – Seared Salmon

Mango Avocado Salsa Recipe

Here's a simple and refreshing recipe for summer time. These days I'm on the look out for recipes which are different from the usual kind which I make at home, like curries, but mostly using ingredients which I already have. One of the things that I've learnt over the years,

Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk

Kerala fish curry

I had posted this recipe long time ago. Then somehow it got lost during our site upgrade! This fish curry was one of my first cooking experiments after marriage and so it's always special to me :) Well, it's pretty much a basic fish curry recipe, but the flavours of

Prawns Pasta

Prawns Pasta

I've been getting a lot of mails asking for pasta recipes. Here's a recipe which I tried recently. Got the outline of the recipe from my friend, Divya. She sent me the recipe 2 years ago! Yeah.. I know, I really need to work on my turn around time. Anyways,

Sweet and Sour Prawns

Sweet n Sour Prawns

Do you tend to point YOUR finger at others? What???!!!   Ok... Ok... I see your finger at me for an answer.  Well, let me be honest here.. though I'm not proud of it, I tend to do it at times. Should I make an excuse for it saying, "I'm just

Unakka/Onakka Chemmeen Chammanthi (Dried Shrimp Chutney)

Chemmeen chammanthi

Well, it's been sometime since we chatted, right? This was an unexpected break, just like some other unexpected things happened in the past. I had a wonderful time in the past few weeks. My brother and family visited us last month. We had a fab time with my two little nephews

Saffron Prawns Risotto (Indian Style)

Prawns Risotto

Are you a risk taker? I am, but… my risk taking is mostly limited to one thing, cooking! I should say, apart from making pretty basic stuff like tea, coffee, omelet etc; everything else was an adventure for me. When I try out something new and if it turns out

Varutharacha Meen Curry (Fish in Roasted Coconut Gravy)


This fish curry is kind of a revelation to me. So far I thought we use varutharacha (roasted and ground coconut paste) masala only for theeyal and chicken or other meat items. I never knew this can be used for fish curry also. During my recent trip, when mummy (my

Tuna Fish and Vegetable Cutlet


I'm very excited to post this recipe! This is the first recipe with a full set of step by step pictures - a recipe picture tutorial :). You remember the survey we took some time ago? Step by step pictures topped the list of features desired on this blog. This was something

Njandu (Crab) Roast

Njandu Roast

Do you believe in impression management? Hhhmm I'm not quite sure whether I'm for or against it. I mean, I'm against faking & portraying myself as something which I'm not but at the same time I dont want total strangers to see the meaner side of me ;) So, that

Kovakka (Ivy Gourd) Peera Pattichathu

Kovakka Peera

Choru (rice), a thoran (veggie with coconut), a mezhukkuperatti (stir fried veggie without coconut), a non veg dish and a chaaru (gravy) curry. This is the standard lunch menu back home. Even when I started cooking I also used to have the same menu. As the years passed on, there

Prawns Fry

Prawns Fry

One more prawns recipe. I guess I've posted more prawns recipes here than fish recipes . After all who can resist prawns right ?? Some people might say prawns increase your cholesterol, but once in a while its ok to indulge in such simple pleasures of life, isn't it, what

Prawns/Shrimp Pickle

prawns achar

One more pickle recipe from my mom in law. She usually make it with fish, but she said prawns can also be made in the same way. If I say I love this pickle, it will be an understatement, because I can literally live on this pickle. Since I always

Kerala Style Fish Fry (Meen Varuthathu) Recipe

Kerala fish fry

One of my fav food!! This is one item which I find very hard to resist. However, I don't make it that often. I usually go for fish curry. Other day when we went to buy fish, we were lucky to get a fresh catch of king fish. When I