Do you have a love affair with cakes?

Hhhmm.. where do I start? I’m not sure when and where my love affair with cake started. I simply love them, there is no two ways about it. I’ve loved them forever ;)

Most of the times, people find baking as a very difficult and complicated thing. Trust me, it’s no rocket science, at least for the kind of cakes, I bake you don't have to lose your sleep thinking about it. It’s all simple and straightforward. Just make sure you read the recipe carefully and measure out the ingredients accurately. Once you get the hang of it, there is no looking back ;)

I think I’ve told you time and again that I like plain cakes than iced ones. It’s very rarely that I enjoy iced cakes and most of the time I prefer homemade iced cakes, since I find the store bought iced cakes too sweet or rich to my liking. How about you? You like homemade iced cakes or store bought ones?

Wishing you a fabulous week this time with all the wonderful cakes!

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