Ada Pradhaman (& A Surprise Gift For You !)

Ada Pradhaman (& A Surprise Gift For You !)

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Now where should I start, hhmm.. am clueless. It was exactly like this 3 years back, when I started this small space of mine called MariasMenu. Yes, MariasMenu is celebrating its 3rd birthday this month!! I never thought this space would come this far, I’ve never worked in a place for 3 years, so this is something great for me. At least I can now say that I’ve one hobby that lasted/lasts for sometime :)

If you’re interested in history, please read on or else jump straight to the recipe, wait…there is something for you at the end. As I’ve said before I was clueless when I started this. I didn’t even know what a blog was. I was told by my computer guru (read my husband Jose), its an online diary and you can write your recipes there instead of a book. I thought ok, not bad. So I started writing recipes in this diary. That’s how it all started. I am very much embarrassed to say this ….when I started the blog I didn’t even know there were other food blogs!! (how was I supposed to know that others were also writing recipes like this!!)

Didn’t I tell you before, I was stuck at the Charles Babbage era of computers? It took me sometime to get used to this “blogging” thing :). If you check the earliest recipes, you can see that there are no pictures and the reason…how many of you put pictures in your recipe diary?? I don’t. So after the “blogging” thing got into my head, pictures started appearing here :). For that I’d like to thank my in laws, because they are the ones who gave me the idea of putting snaps here. Btw, have I told you, that before if somebody used to ask me to take photo I used to flee and now because of blogging I at least know how to switch on & off a camera ;)

Blogging has helped me in many ways and I don’t have any regrets. This introduced me to many people from different parts of the world, helped me to understand different types of cuisines, encouraged me to read more about cooking, try out new recipes regularly etc etc; All this happened primarily because of my husband, Jose. Thank you my dearest :). How can I repay you, hhmm may be I will let you do a guest post here ;). I would also like to thank my family (who don’t believe in my cooking skills yet and think that I’ve cut and paste all these snaps from somewhere else…just my luck!), thank all my friends, including my blogging friends who take time to leave sweet comments here and encourage me to continue with this.

If you’ve noticed I’ve started posting more regularly from last year onwards. For that am ever grateful to my dearest cousin sis Ammu. After she started cooking, she used to give constant feedback about the recipes, how I write them, about the snaps etc; Her feedback was a great motivation for me, thank you my dearest sis :). Another person I would like to thank is another cousin sis of mine, am sure most of you know her, yes you guessed it right, its Annita :). I think the existence of my blog was known to the world, only after she linked to me. Dear Annita, thank you for your support and encouragement.

Ok, please dont feel bad, I havent forgotten you, how can I??. After all, you are the ultimate motivator for me. If you weren’t interested in turning the pages of my online diary, MariasMenu, again n again, I wouldn’t have written for the past 3 years. I would have stopped it long back. Thanks a ton for all your comments and sharing your happiness with me. Please do continue to drop in here and share your thoughts, comments, suggestions and happiness.

Here’s something for you: As part of our b’day celebration, we decided to give away a surprise gift. You dont have to do any cooking or take snaps, just answer a simple question. The winner will get a small gift coupon from

The question is: How many dishes in MariasMenu has the word “Malabar” in its title?

You can give your answers through the comment form. The last day for giving the answer is July 6th. General comments will be published, but your comments with the answer for this question will be published only after July 6th & the winner will be announced in the next post. If more than one person gets the correct answer, the winner will be decided by a lucky draw.

Update: Please try to post your answers through the comment form itself instead of sending it as a mail.

Btw, one more thing before I go to the recipe. I wanted to bake a cake for this occasion and I also wanted to send that to Ria dear’s Celebration event. I did bake one, but it was a disaster :(. So I decided to go for a Kerala style b’day celebration. Ria dear, sorry for not making it this time :(.

Ok, thank you for your time and patience, here is the recipe, finally!

Note: I’ve posted this originally as Palada Pradhaman. I changed it to Ada Pradhaman, since some readers pointed out that palada pradhaman is made with milk and the one I made with jaggery is just Ada Pradhaman.

Ada Pradhaman (& A Surprise Gift For You !)
  • Ada – ½ cup/75 gms
  • Jaggery – 250 gms
  • Ghee – 2-3 tsp
  • Medium thick coconut milk – 1¾ cups
  • Thick coconut milk – 1¼cup
  • Tiny coconut slices – 1-2 tbsp
  • Cashew nut – a handful
  • Cardamom – 2-3, crushed
  1. Cook the ada in 2-3 cups of water, till it becomes soft. Strain the ada and wash it in cold water to remove the stickiness. Add 3 tbsp of water to the jaggery & melt it. Strain the melted jaggery.
  2. In a deep bottom pan, combine melted jaggery, cooked ada & 2 tsp of ghee. Cook on low – medium heat till the mixture becomes thick and start separating from the pan. Add medium thick coconut milk. Cook on medium -low heat and stir in between. When the coconut milk reduce to half the quantity, add thick coconut milk and stir well. Cook for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Kindly note that the payasam will thicken itself later on, so after adding thick coconut milk, do not keep it for a long time. Add crushed cardamoms, just before removing from the gas.
  4. Heat 1 tsp of ghee in a pan & fry the coconut slices & cashew nuts. Add it to the payasam. Serve hot.

Check out Ada Pradhaman made by Rachel based on the above recipe.

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  • Zaara

    Happy Bloganniversary!! You have a great blog here and lots of wonderful recipes to try. I’m guessing 4 recipes with malabar in the title? Malabar Mutton, chicken, pathiri and Fish.=)!!!

    • Maria

      Hi Zaara

      Congrats!! You are the lucky winner!!

      Please check this post for more details:

      We will be sending you an email regarding the gift card.

      Happy Shopping :)


      • Zaara

        Wow!! I wa sjust casually browsing through and so the response! Hooray! My first web win! Thanks a lot Maria and team – you guys made my day!!!!!
        And thanks for the fantastic blog too!

        • Zaara

          ..Sending you some link love from my blog….thanks for the prize once again…

  • Ameena Abdul Rahman

    The word malabar is mentioned 8 times.

    Happy birthday n keep up the good work. Love each of your dishes. Tc!!

  • Pooja

    Congrats on your blog anniversary Maria! Completing three years is simply awesome! You have an amazing blog with tempting dishes. Keep blogging! Palada Pradhaman looks so delicious! My favourite! Esp I love to have with sadya. As for the challenge, I give the answer as 4 :)

  • varsha

    Congrats Maria..3 years a real milestone I say..wishes to many more years..:)
    ..n u ahve 4 Malabar dishes in here..right?

  • Divya

    Hey Maria..Wishing your blog a very Happy Birthday..3

    I remember hopping on to Mariasmenu from Annita’s blog,but you didn’t have any profile pic put up then and I had no clue it was you;).I think it was through Orkut that I knew you were the one behind MM:).

    If this is how you take pictures knowing-just to shut on and off your camera…I don’t want to know more;).Seriously,the pictures are mindblowing:).

    I’ll have to go through your archives to know the answer for the contest question,is that allowed:)???

  • Ria

    OH MARIA!!! This is one of my fav fav payasam! I can never sip it… instead GULP it down :)

    Okay! Now lemme see if I am lucky enough to get the gift coupon! :)

  • Ria

    It’s 4! plus one.. unnakkai..but the word is not mentioned in the title!!!

    And Mariammo….. it’s okay! Thanks for trying!! There’s always a next time!! :)

  • Minu Geo

    Wishing MariasMenu a very happy birthday in advance…..

    I tried parippu payasam.. it was yummy.. let me try this too and let u knw my comment..

    SO how are you both doing??

    Jesus Bless you!!

  • Sindu justine

    hi Maria

    wishing ur blog a very HAPPY BDAY..i accidentally came across ur site and i must say i have tried so many of ur recipes..and u wldnt believe when i say tht all came out fantastic…especially the carrot daughter jst loved it..probably u shld add some north indian dishes too..

    The other day i wanted to make bhatura and i came looking for the recipe first to MARIAS MENU but was sad when i didnt find it..anyways once again congratulations…and looking forward to many more recipes frm ur side..

    Well abt the question…i guess its FOUR..there r four recipes that has the word MALABAR in its title..

    take care..

  • Ann

    Oh,the real surprise was reading your beginning..Happy 3 rd anniversary dear Maria.I love this place so so much that i feel am a latecomer here..
    perfect payasam for the occasion and great presentation Maria..Hugs for the great job you are into..

  • Parita

    Congo on completing successful 3 yrs dear,payasam is perfect way to celebrate this!!

  • Jasmin

    The answer is 4.
    Congrats on completeing 3 successful yrs and hope it continues the same.Even though I have not left a comment earlier,I was a silent reader of ur blog and have tried ur recipies many times and all was hits at my home.Thanks a lot.

  • tinu

    congrats on reaching this milestone///

  • Sibil

    CONGRATULATIONS on completing 3 successful years of Marias Menu, dear! I am sure its getting to be a bigger hit day by day. Perfect recipe for the occasion and I am going to try it out very soon. Will let you know! :) n hope I am the lucky winner! :D

  • Sibil

    There are ”4” dishes with the word “Malabar” in its title in MariasMenu. I hope I am right! :)

  • ammu

    Happy 3rd bday to mariasmenu! Congrats..lkeep it up.. i love your serving bowl as always!!

  • Mini

    Congrats on completing three years of blogging! I came across your blog while going through Annita’s. Am a regular now:)

  • Rashmi

    Hi Maria,
    Congrats on the 3rd year anniversary. You should know that I am a regular visitor of you blog now — when ever I am hunting for naadan dishes, I am here :)

    Now abt the quiz you have up here. Is the answer ’4′ ?

    Keep posting more mouth watering recipes

  • Jasmine

    Hi Maria~

    Thanx for replying to my query.

    Good thing about the contest is that I went through all your recipes and found quite a few that I am definitely going to make :-) [Usually I am content just looking at the beautiful pics, not to mention the 'madichi' bit :-)]

    As for the contest, I found 4 recipes with ‘Malabar’ gracing the title. Yet to try any of them. Definitely will, if I win :-)

    Congrats once again on a job well done!!

  • Surbhi

    word malabar has been used in title of 4 dishes…..Am i right

  • Archana

    Congratulations Maria, look how your blog has grown !

  • rachel

    Missed reading your space…am back and congrats on the three years…was glad to come by this blog,’s saved many a mealtime for me..keep blogging!

  • rachel

    and my answer is 5!

  • Maria

    Dear All

    Thanks a ton for all your best wishes and encouraging words. It means a lot to me :)

    Also, thanks to all who participated in the contest. The lucky winner is announced in this post:

    Please continue supporting

    Thanks a lot

  • Manju

    Hi Maria
    This is the first time am visiting your website
    your recipes are looking yummy. i have missed this site all these days.ll try your recipes and ll let you know. keep rocking!!


    • Maria

      Hi Manju

      Thanks a lot for dropping in and for your sweet words :)

      Please try out the recipes and let me know how it comes out. Hope you will like it.

      Happy cooking :)


  • Sreeja

    hey maria…nice website. will surely try out all ur recipes… and wit the pictures included it looks very yummy!! :-)

    Sreeja Jay

    • Maria

      H Sreeja

      Thanks for dropping in :)

      Please try out the recipes and let me know your feedback. Hope you will like the recpes :)

      Happy cooking..


  • Manju

    Hi Maria,

    Congratulations on your big milestone! I am glad I came across your site. The pictures make it very enticing.

    One question regarding this recipe – what is Ada in english? I am not sure what it is.


  • Ambily

    Hello Maria,

    Appreciate the effort.The site is just “delicious”.
    Just 1 quick q?I thought palada is ada payasam with milk,ada pradaman is the jaggery version,but paalada is only with milk,no jaggery.


    • Maria

      Hi Ambily,

      Thank you.

      It was written “palada” on the ada packet, hence I put it as palada pradhaman.

      Anyways, if its ada pradhaman for sure, I will change it. Thanks for pointing it out :)


  • silpa mathew

    hey Maria,
    i hav tried…it came out rly well… i wanted 2 make smethng for my colleagues…m frm bombay…so mostly al my colleagues r maharastrians…they rly luved it.. bt one ques… can v use sugar instead of jaggery?

    • Maria

      Hi Silpa

      Thank you :)

      I think if you make it with milk, you can use sugar instead of jaggery. Please check out the semiya payasam n pal payasam recipes here.


  • anu

    I really like your website. It helped me on Maudy thursday when I had to prepare peshadri pal

    Thanks a lot. Keep the good work. Can you give me recipe for vepila katti.

    • Maria

      Hi Anu,

      Thank you for the wishes. I’m happy that you were able to make Indri appam from here.

      I will try to post the vepilla katti recipe, but I’m not sure when :)


  • lana

    what is ada? i an assuming gram i correct?

  • anu

    can we use cow’s milk instead of coconut milk?

    • Maria

      Hi Anu,

      I’ve seen some people making it using cow’s milk & sugar, so I guess you can do it :)


      • Rajesh

        Instead of jaggery and coconut milk, can use cow’s milk and sugar. that we called as palada pradhaman. but that preparation is little bit different from ada pradhaman. if you will make ada with rice powder in traditional way, that will be more delicious.
        Thank you.

  • Leah

    Maria, I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a long time now. I just made my very first ada pradhaman using your recipe and it was awesome!!! My husband and I, we both absolutely love it! The version my MIL makes is really thick, I guess she uses more ada and less coconut milk. But we both thought, the less thick version was definitely better! Kudos to the great work you keep doing!!!!!!

    • Maria

      Hi Leah,

      Thank you so much for trying the recipe from here and also for leaving a comment :)

      Happy to know that you enjoyed it.


  • Maria Jose

    Hi Anita,

    Thank you very much! Btw, its an old post. We recently celebrated the 5th b’day of MariasMenu :)


  • Achu

    Hi maria, i am new to this blog,.. had a question about ada pradhaman. does ready made rice ada become ‘ rubber like’ when cooked with jaggery (my mom says so) Did u use store bought rice ada for your recipe?

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Achu,

      I used readymade ada only for this payasam. If the ada is cooked correctly as per the package instructions, it wont be rubbery. Try to follow the instructions on the packet correctly. Hope it comes out well for you :)


  • Anonymous

    Hi Maria, I am new to this blog. I have a question about using store bought rice ada for ada pradhaman. My mom says if i use that ada, it would become hard like rubber when mixed with jagerry even if i cook it well. what is your opinion?

  • JJ

    Hi Maria, I just made the Ada Pradhaman – came out great. Over the weekend we also tried the Indri-Appam & that too came out great.

    • Maria Jose

      Thanks a lot JJ! Nice to know that you liked the recipes posted here.


  • Rajani Raj

    Maria,no words to speak about u’r recipes..U r a great inspiration for not great cooks like us..Hats off to u’r efforts..

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Rajani,

      Thanks a bunch dear for your kind words :) I’m really thrilled to know that this place is an inspiration for you!


  • Pearl

    Tried the Ada Pradaman payasam for the first time & it came out very well. It was a hit at home!!!:)

    • Maria Jose

      Thanks Pearl! Great to hear that it came out well for you :)


  • Lakshmi

    All ur recipes r superb… cooking is of one my hobbies nw only b’coz of ur recipes… wanna try this payasam… tell me which ada r u using for ths..

    • Maria Jose

      Thanks a million dear for such a wonderful comment :)

      I used the big size ada for making this payasam.


  • LA

    can we combine both coconut milk n cows milk?

  • LA

    can we combine both coconut milk n cows milk?

    • Maria Jose

      I’ve never tried it, so I’m not sure how it works..


  • Linda Abraham

    Hi Maria,

    Did you use rice ada or milk ada? I see two types in the store

    • Maria Jose

      Linda, I used rice ada for this payasam. Hope you like it :)