Mixed Noodles Recipe

A healthy fast food that you can make at home. A perfect recipe for a lazy day in kitchen.

Mixed Noodles Recipe
Recipe type: Main Dish, Side
Cuisine: Indo Chinese
Serves: 2
  • Plain noodles- 1 portion
  • Scrambled egg - 1
  • Sausages chopped - 4
  • Cooked green peas - ¼ cup
  • Soya sauce - ½ - 1 tablespoon
  • Tabasco sauce - ½ tablespoon
  • Chicken tastemaker - 1 cube
  • Refined oil - 1 tablespoon
  1. Cook the noodles with required water & keep aside. Heat oil in a pan & add scrambled egg, sausages & green peas. Stir for 2 minutes. Add all the sauces & chicken tastemaker. Stir for 1 minute. Add the cooked noodles & mix well. Serve hot.


  • biju

    Interesting site. I thought XIME alumni were famous for Malayalam and management.
    Will share this site with my wife.

    Biju – XIME 98 batch

  • http://www.mariasmenu.com Maria

    Thanks Biju for visiting the site!

  • suni

    lipsmackin recipie man!!!

  • sam

    hi Maria,

    tried this yesterday for lunch as i was toooo lazy to cook. both my 7 yr old and 2 yr old liked the noodles so much that i was left with only 2tbspn for myself!!!

    thanks for the simple yet lip smacking recipe.


  • http://www.mariasmenu.com Maria

    thanks suni :)

    sam, thanks a lot for trying out various recipes in my blog and also for letting me know your feedback, I really appreciate that :) very happy to know that your kids loved it and ya its perfect for a lazy day, rght ;)?

  • Latha

    Its better if the noodles are washed under cold water before mixing with spice and vegetables so that the wax cotting of noodles will be washed off. It’s a tip shared by one chinese shop uncle in Singapore who used to make mouth watering noodles me -me :-). He says its good for digestion !!!

  • Deepthi

    Hi Maria,
    I found this site awsome n very useful for people like me(who is a struggling cook)..Thanks so much for the wonderful recipies.. My hubby got me introduced to this site.He is frm XIME 2002 batch. name is JIjo Jose Olassa..

    • http://www.mariasmenu.com Maria

      Hi Deepthi

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for your sweet words :)

      Very nice to meet you here. Btw, I’ve seen your snaps. Jijo is there in my FB friend’s list. Hope you guys are doing great.

      Please try out the recipes and let me know whether you like it.

      Hope to see you here again :) Btw, special thanks to Jijo for introducing you to this space :)


  • Bindu Joseph

    Hi Maria

    Think I am gonna be a big fan of ur site. yesteday i made the stuffed buns… which was superb .. and today felt so lazy to cook and then I came acroos these suoper quick noodles … so simple and so tasty .. now waiting for my kid to come back from kindergarten … am sure he’s gonna relish it .. never ever thought of sausages (his favourite) in noodles … wow … Thanks once again … Am soooo proud to be a mallu … he he ..

    • http://www.mariasmenu.com Maria

      Hi Bindu,

      I know this reply is coming your way after almost 6 months…I’m so sorry dear. Looks like I somehow missed your comment :(

      Thanks a ton for your comment dear. I’m so happy to know that you tried recipes from here & like them too. I do hope that your little one liked the noodles.

      Please try other recipes as well & share your feedback. Once again, sorry for the delayed reply.


  • Sindhu Nair

    What is this Tabasco sauce and where u will get this or is it necessary to add it?

    • http://mariasmenu.com Maria Jose

      Hi Sindhu,

      First of all, so sorry for the delayed reply. I missed your comment somehow :( Tabasco is a hot sauce made from chillies like capsicum. Its used in this recipe for the adding spiciness. You can use any hot sauce instead of Tabasco for this.


  • Riya

    Maria, I tried your kappa biriyani. I was tooo……. good. Now I want to try this ginger chicken.What is tabasco sauce?

    • http://mariasmenu.com Maria Jose

      Thanks Riya :) Tabasco is a hot sauce made from chillies like capsicum. Its used in
      this recipe for the adding spiciness. You can use any hot sauce instead
      of Tabasco for this.Hope you will like the ginger chicken too…CheersMaria

  • Shiny

    hey Maria

    Can u tell me what kind of noodles you used here??… i tried making chicken noodles with egg noodles… but it tasted so plain…as if the noodles are not absorbing any flavor… do u have any tips for me???..thank u!!!cheers,Shiny

    • http://mariasmenu.com Maria Jose

      Hi Shiny,

      I used egg noodles only for this recipe. I’m not sure why the flavours didnt settle in your noodles. May be you can try drizzling a little oil while mixing all the sauces and stuff to help it to mix well. Hope it works..


  • Jeena

    Hi Maria,
    Can u plz tell me which chicken tastemaker u used. Maggie taste maker is ok and instead of tabasco sauce can i use green chilli suace

    • http://mariasmenu.com Maria Jose

      Hi Jeena,

      I used Maggie taste maker. Tabasco and green chilli sauce has different flavours, but you can always use different sauce to suit your requirements.


  • Rekha

    Hi Maria,
    Have recently tried your site …. The ginger chicken was awesome !
    Although I am new to your site from the reviews I can see that you are one amazing woman.

    I wanted to sample your noodles but for some reason the recipe is not loading ( all other recipes seem to be loading properly and the comment section on the mixed noodles is working fine too)!
    Me a lil disappointed as I am sitting here having got the ingredients but now don’t have your recipe! If by any chance you are online and see this message … I would be ever so grateful if you could let me know how I can get hold of the recipe or alt if you can email it !

    Thanks in advance

    • http://mariasmenu.com Maria Jose

      Hi Rekha,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Good to know that ginger chicken recipe worked out well for you..

      About the mixed noodles recipe, sorry to disappoint you dear, but it’s not working now. The thing is we changed the format of the site recently so we lost some of the old recipes, I need to add it again.

      I’m currently in Kerala for holidays, so it may not be happening soon :(( However I’ll try my best to add it sometime soon..