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Hi Maria, thanks a million for this wonderful recipe, i followed to the t and the result was truly amazing. this was my first attempt ever to bake a cake and everybody is impressed, thank you so much, i wish i could send u a photograph of my cake :) hope to see more of ur authentic recipes… may god bless you

– Sim on Five Minute Cake

Hi Maria, I tried out the chicken cutlets as a filling for burgers & they came out excellent! I had tried them earlier as a plain snack also. My family members enjoyed it thoroughly.I must say your recipes are exceptionally good & I always look forward to an update email from your side

– Sarika Benjamin on Chicken Cutlet

Hey..tried out this recipe though i had planned on muton olathiyathu..didnt have the whole spices for the other one..anyways this came out beautifully..mutton recipes i tried in other sites have mostly been flop..somehow this is one of the rare recipes that works for me with mutton!

– Ammu on Kashmiri Mutton Masala

Hey Mari..I tried this appetizer for a party and it was a HIT!!!This is the only thing that came to my mind when i heard that i have to make sum appetizers for a party of 40!!Easy n yummy! Thanks for sharing:-) Will share the pics with u sumtyms! Love

– Emi on Chicken Sandwich

Hats off!!! Excellent recipe, I was not able to believe that I made it. tooooo good. My friends and family enjoyed it so much.I took this curry to office as part of our x’mas celebration and everybody enjoyed it very much!!!

– Jeena on Ginger Chicken

Great work maria!!!!!though i visit ur site almost everyday and have tried many of ur dishes,this is the first time i am leaving a favorites are bread pudding,carrot cake,chicken mappas,unnakkai,biriyanis ,mushroom and peas masala etc etc…..keep it up!!!!!!!expecting to see more !!!!!!!!!!

– Merrit on Xmas Party Menu

Hello Maria, I enjoyed making this egg roast for my husband…and it tastes pefect. I liked the idea of mixing the masalas with oil and adding to the curry as they don’t burn while cooking.Being a non-keralite who loves kerala veg/egg based dishes I must say that your recipes are very inspiring and your website is pleasing and appetising too.

– Rekha on Egg Roast

Just wanted to let you know that I tried your cake for valentine yesterday and it came out absolutely delicious. I never thought that this cake would be so good and simple. Since we changed our diet to healthy version eliminating all white stuff. I wanted something healthy version and I found your cake. People might hesitate to try this but if they dont its a big loss for them. Thank you so much for sharing such a delicious and healthy recipe.

– Radha on Eggless Cinnamon Cake

Thank you MariaYou are really helping many people around the globe. I forgot to ask my mom the recipe yesterday. Today I thought I am not going to make it but your site made the whole difference.

– Priya from California, on Indri appam

I am a recent visitor of your blog…. Tried the cinnamon cake while we were on lent and I must say it came out “SIMPLY SUPERB”…. didn’t ever think I would get a cake so soft with ATTA!! My husband absolutely loved it…You’re doing a fabulous job….. especially for newly married gals like me…. Keep up the good work!!Can’t wait to try out more of your recipes :)

– Susan on Eggless Cinnamon Cake

Hi…i tried your cake wayyy back and it came out super awesome.. unfortunately i dint book mark your site and dint write down the recipe…and today i found the recipe again.. I can’t tell you how glad i am to have found this recipe again…Just in time for my DH’s birthday..I’m going to bake this in the microwave.. where it takes hardly 6-8 mins to bake…I would appreciate more such recipes..Maybe a low cal version of the apple pie? Thanks anyways and yeahh happy baking!

– Sheen on Eggless Cinnamon Cake

Maria…. I really like this recipe. :-) :-) Made this dish on my day off. Loved it…brought back many memories from the past. Times of growing up and having similar dishes from grand mothers kitchen. Your story with the recipe made me laugh out so loud because it sounds excatly like my grandparents house… I will be a frequent visitor to your blog. Your recipes are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your recipes… a hungry malayalee soul….

– Rajeev Thomas on Shrimp Olathiyathu

Hi Maria, I tried this recipe …and I just cudn’t take my hands off it until I finished the whole beef .I like ur site .The way of presentation ,mouth watering dishes & grey background makes one to try out the recipes…good work ….keep posting more… I ve a suggestion too .Pls include a section of Easy Recipes exclusively for working women like me…

– Amita George on Thattukada Beef Curry

Hi Maria, I guess I have graduated from just reading your blog to trying out your recipes. :) I bake cakes and often fancy ones with layering and frosting, but I have to admit that this simple recipe beats all of them. I made it for Adi’s ‘official’ birthday and packed it for him. Half an hour later, I got a SMS declaring that he could feel ‘my love melt in his mouth’ while eating it. ;) Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipes dear! :) Love

– Sumi on Steamed Honey Sponge Cake

I tried this out last week. Since then, i’ve made it 4 times. :) now, u see its a blockbuster at our home. good work, maria!Aswathy on Bread & Butter Pudding.Nice one, the cashews added a unique touch. I wanted to surprise the missus when she came home from work today – this worked out pretty well !

– Karthik on Aloo Gobi Masala

Hi Maria, started reading your recipes recently. Oro recipeyum onninonnu mecham annu. Great work !!!!!When ever my mind goes blank thinking thinking what to cook today i visit your site and pick some recipe :)Regards,

– Manjusha on Mutton Olathiyathu

Thanks for the reply. I tried the pulav yesterday and it was superb. it’s so simple, yet so tasty. My 1and 1/2 yr old son, too liked it!!! Thanks for the lovely recipes and the time n effort you put in to reply to reply to our queries.

– Divya on Veg Pulao

You know what maria…. I’m spending all my leisure times in MariasMenu…n giving maximum publicity to the site by informing about it to all my lady colleagues ;-)

– Ann Mathew on Five Minute Cake

Hi, thanks for your reply. Do u know maria. other than the sweets and north indian dishes( Just becuz we wont make it often) I have taken print out with pictures of all your recipes…. including the christmas recipes and kheers… i really appreciate you. and its great that you are ready to share the recipes with us. Here ( Australia) we dont get all the ingredients. But still i promise all your recipes are great.

– Ann Ria Jacob on Beef Fry

Hi, I have been regularly receiving new recipes from you. Although I have not been able to prepare all of them due to tight schedules as my children’s school have begun & I am left with very little time to try out new things. But this weekend, I sacrificed my afternoon short nap & tried out your 5 minutes cake. I tell you, it came out so well that my husband(who doesnt show any interest in cakes prepared by me as it does not taste like the readymade ones) , he too appreciated this cake. I dont have to mention about my children’s craziness for this cake. My elder son literally cried when I told him that the cake was over the next day & he insisted that I prepare the same cake as soon as possible. I am thankful to you for this recipe.
I would also like to know the different ways of Icing on the cake.

– Aradhana on Five Minute Cake

Hei Maria, Hats off to u! :) I really mean it…I was looking for nice pics of Malabar biriyaani, nd found ur site! Whoa…amazing i would say, I agree plenty of sites r over the net, but this is for sure outstanding. I jus luv de concept, nd its really helpful for ppl like us spread over the globe. trying to get back our traditional cuisines! raaaville palappavum chicken stoovum allenkil, puttum,beeefum allenkil pazhavum kazhikkkunna sukham vere ethu cuisineil kittum! :) Keep workin on it more, Nd I really appreciate de quality of pics u post here, flickr stufss….yummy i would say! [:)] If you could post more, traditional stuffss tat would be really helpful, Nd more over thante recipes r really helpful, ingu akkare irunnu kondu njangalle poleyullavarkku mummymarodu chodikaathe oronnu try cheyyam! illenkil nammude mrrs. varumbol padikkan paryaaaam! [:P] All de best Neways!

– Vivek RAJ on Beef Fry

I am really a fan of yours! i refer to these recipes for helping my wife. And they say i am a good cook, however, the credit goes to mariasmenu. thanks for the visual onasadhya!

– Vinod Jacob on Happy Onam

Hi Maria…. Stumbled upon your site accidentally a few days back. All i can say is Wow!! I am a mallu married to a Punjabi and living in Delhi. Absolutely no access to Kerala cuisine unless my mom drops in…i loved ur recipes…and i’ve tried 2 of these already. the carrot cake(which was my first attempt at baking a cake) and the beef fry (my husband has been craving for beef fry after he tasted it at bangalore) i used mutton instead of beef though, but they turned out really really good.So really thank you :)

– Roshini on Carrot Cake

Hi maria, I tried your recipe aloo gobi masala. Its very easy to make .I tried with lots of site but yours is the best.all the best

– Charu on Aloo Gobi Masala

Hi maria…. ur recipe is wonderful…me and my husband made it last week…today we tried it…oh…”kalakkan” thnks maria…thanks alot…still my mouth is watering…..

– Bhageerathy on Prawns Pickle

I was up to try the beef fry, and then caught sight of the 25 random things about you. It was such a beautiful write that i forgot about the beef fry….. adventures with dogs, and nilavathu azhichuvitta kozhi… congrats maria. I will speak talk about you to my mallu parishoners. Perhaps in the church..! a person who sings so sincerely in the church and writes such delicious recipies and takes care to reply to all comments deserve more than that.. God Bless u n ur family.

– Fr.Joy on Beef Fry

Hi Maria, I have become an avid reader of your blog. I have a very hectic job but i love cooking. So i try to make something simple and new every week. I prepared malabar chicken, cheese cake with success :). Today I’m trying parippu chaar and chicken masala. I google a lot for recipes but after discovering your blog, i find it difficult to try out anything from anywhere else. I also love your homely honest simple writing style. So well.. thank you!

– Vidya on Dal Makhani

Hey Maria, WONDERFUL blog with very good recipes!! I have been reading your blog since a couple of months and has been really very helpful to me..I tried most of your recipes and all turned out great !! I appreciate your great work and wishing u the very best !! Thanks a lot .

– Susan on Chilli Gobi

Hi Maria, My sister suggested me your blog a few months before, when i got married, but being lazy I never bothered and in due time I 4got . All these time I revolted badly against making fish curry (partly coz i was afraid of attempting such a big curry which i have only dared to eat earlier ;) and then laziness), but last week i had to. After a minute’s google-ing I found out ur wonderful site, good and simpler dishes. All these times i was making curries from youtube videos. Your methods are very easy and ingredients r common ones. I ve tried a few frm your recipes and all grant success. And today my husband finally declared from now onwards “I will comment only when ur curry is bad”. Earlier it was horrible. Thanks to you and your site. btw meen curry was so yummy that i called my mummy and said its even more tastier( appolkyum confidence koodi. hehe!) too long mail, phew!!!

– Ann Pulikottil on Meen Vevichathu

Hi, am a long time lurker. Decided to delurk to thank you. I have tried a lot of your dishes& they have turned out great. I am from pathanamthitta& a lot of your recipes tastes like my moms’ dishes. I am guessing you are also from that part of kerala. I am a real bad cook& a lot of times my dishes turn out horrible.I lack patience & I guess that accounts for a lot of mishaps in the kitchen. Anyways your recipes almost never fails.So thank you for all your efforts& looking forward to more traditional recipes.
And congrats for your magazine article.Keep going.

– Reena on Vanilla Muffins

I tried your Caramel pudding yesterday. It is very simple to prepare and also the ingredients are easily available at home. The pudding came out very good and everybody at home liked it.I can hear my husband asking to serve him some , right now. :) Thanks a lot for the recipe. This is my first pudding and it came out really well.

– Lakshmi on Caramel Custard

Hi Maria…this is a superb blog… i love to keep experimenting with new recipes esp non-veg and chanced upon ur blog one day while searching for a naadan chicken curry and since then i’ve tried a lot of ur recipes n they’ve always turned out grt…i had been planning to make my usual prawn curry today, but i simply gave ur blog a look and saw this recipe… got reminded of the same prawn roast my mom makes at home…its really yummy! so changed my plan :).. will make this today …keep adding more wonderful recipes!

– Parvathy on Prawns Roast

Hi Maria…..i tell u dis recipe of urs is lovely….i came thru ur blog last week and trust me, i have already made this recipe 4 times!!!!!!!every second day,my hubby dear demands for dis dish……!!!!!!keep posting such yummy recipes…

– Fathima on Prawns Olathiyathu

Hi Maria, I made this cake Today for my Husband’s b’day. He loved it .(usually he is not a great fan of cakes!)..even my 16 month old l’le boy enjoyed it..Thank you so much for this great recipe. I baked it at 340 F for 50 min..It was perfect. I just came across your blog few days back and since then I’m into it….It’s very interesting ..Keep up the good work and keep posting great recipes..Thanks again,

– Lin on White Chocolate Mud Cake

Hi Maria.. i just wanted to comment on your lovely site.. i’ve tried a few of the recipes, and i’ve enjoyed them all.. i especially like the photos that you put up.. i love the way the dishes are presented.. i can see the artistic streak in you shining through.. do keep the recipes coming!

– Dhivia on Egg Sandwich

Hello dear, I bought some fresh king fish yesterday & was dreaming of making fish molly the next day. So i googled the net 4 the recipe & up came urs. Needless to say, it turned out quite well, though it was my first time. Thanks & kudos to u

– Anjana on Fish Molly

Hey Maria… This was just too good… I would never have imagined that I could use yoghurt to make such a yummy pasta sauce… My husband loved it, and I just love how healthy it is… I added some sauteed chicken and mushrooms as well, and its a hot favorite in my house now… I make it almost every week at least once…. Thanks a lot for sharing this….

– Uma on Pasta Salad

Hi Maria, I’m a newly wed and just started cooking… I usually stick to sanjeev kapoor recipes coz you can be sure they will never go too wrong… I hit upon your blog recently and the very first recipe that I tried out (prawns olathiyathu) came out so delicious that I’ve not gone back to any other place to look for recipes since then! I’ve tried a whole lot of fish and prawns recipes from your site and each one of them have turned out great! My mallu hubby loves them and polishes off every bit :-)

– Caroline on Konchu Pollichathu

Hello Maria… My Xmas party turned out to be a big success.A big thanks to your recipes:).I’ve picked fish fingers,fish molly and mutton biriyani recipes from here.Kids loved fish fingers and surprisingly I saw 1 year old and 1.5 yr old consuming lots of fish fingers:).My share of self satisfaction and happiness to u…..:) And wish u many more years of happy blogging!

– Priya & Jamie on Fish Fingers

Hi Maria, i am a regular visitor to ur blog, i shud say secret admier,ur recipies are amazingly simple to make, ,it makes me nostalgic. thank you so much….u make the life easier for girls like me who never stepped into the kitchen in childhood,and all of a sudden away from home ,with the new role of a house wife.

– Asha Ravichandra on Mixed Fried Rice Version 2.0

Hi Maria, I stumbled upon your food blog ,searching for well..”a Dummy’s Guide to Kerala Cooking”… My wife’s into her 3rd month and the kitchen isn’t exactly her favourite place in the house right now.So, new as I am to it, I’m trying to cook her something everyday to satisfy her new found appetite. Your blog have been a great help… Thanks… and keep adding those recipies. Thanks,

– Jay & Harsha on Nadan Beef Curry

Hey,Thanks a zillion for this recipe!! Tried this prawn roast today…and i can say confidently that it is the most awsome Indian prawn preparation I’ve had so far. The Bengali chingri malai curry (prawns in coconut milk) comes nowhere near this one.. It was quite fiery (i think i overdid the chillie bit) and we had it with paranthas and were practically fighting for the prawns in the end.. Will definetely try this in future. thanks again!

– Simi Kamboj on Prawns Roast

Yummy and delicious. My husband and 2 yr old son liked it very much.For me it has become an addiction to check you site.once i reach office ,along with the outlook I open your site even though I know mostly on fridays u post something.Still hoping may be something u must have posted.

– Jasmin on Eggless Chocolate Pudding

Hi Maria, I was new to ur site until one of my friends told me abt u 2 days before..But nw,its like i hav read almost half of the recipe within 1 day!!And i tried this uppumanga curry of urs..and cant wait to say that it was damn good!!( evn thought the recipe is similar to that of moru curry,it tasted very good with uppumanga). I really wanna try out ur other recipes too.. You are doing a very good job.. i have a suggestion too.. some typical kerala dishes missing? Kappa?

– Pattoos on Uppumanga Curry

Here I am once again to compliment you for this wonderful recipe.I made semiya payasam again…this time for my b’day. I was very worried about feedbacks as I invited some of my friends who are experts in Kerala Cuisine.I received many compliments about the payasam :) They even went for second helpings!!! I have highly recommended your website to them :) Keep up the good work!!!

– Suzette on Semiya Payasam

Hi Maria, I was looking for carrot cake recipe for long, after I had one from one during a buffet lunch. Me and my hubby liked it very much… Y’day ws our wedding anniversary and I made the cake in the way you mentioned.. It came out excellent!!!!!!.. for surprise my 7 yr old son also liked it.. he was around me once i finished baking :)… Normally he will watch around and peek into what all ingredients i am using.. he normally won’t like carrots and all( most of the veggies of course ;) ).. and he helped me to powder the cinnamon…….
Thank you very much dear.. for sharing the recipe.. and i tried buttercream icing on it… it was the first time i ever tried decorating the cake.. and of course my style of some decorations on top with carrots ;) I want to share my experience y’day itself.. but the site seems to be down… Once again thank you very much…..

– Seema on Carrot Cake

Hi Maria, Thks for another great recipe. Its bachelor cooking time for me here since my wife is staying back in India for an extra month. And your site has been of great help. This one turned out just Superb nd Yummy. Wish you well!!

– Bobby on Fish Tomato Masala

I followed your style of prawn biryani for my pregnant wife. This came very tasty. We enjoyed like anything. Thanks for the recipe.

– Chin on Prawns Biriyani

Hii Maria, Came to know about ur site quite recently and since then I’m a fan of ur’s coz I’m also a lover of plain cakes as u are. Planning to try out ur cake recipes soon. Yesterday I tried out this pudding and I just dont have words to explain how it came out. My Husband liked it so much that he asked me to make it again this weekend. Thank u very much dear. And I promise I’ll keep on trying ur recipes more often. Regards,

– Vineetha on Eggless Chocolate Pudding

Made these today… another great cake!! was real yummy!!! now whenever I make something my husband asks is it from Maria’s menu?? my whole family loves ur dishes!!! keep posting….

– Josphine on Lemon Drizzle Cake

Hi Maria,been trying some of your dishes,especially chicken…..needless to say my wife wants me to make it everyday,and she has told all her family that i have become a great cook.well all the credit goes to you.thanks a million maria

– John on Chettinad Chicken

Hello Maria, I am from Cochin. I like your recipe blog. The way you introduce each recipe is great. We feel we know you personally, even though we have not seen you. I have gone through some similar blogs, but I like yours the best. I like the way you give credit to the source of the recipe. I look forward to your updates as much as wait to watch Lakshmi Nair’s magic oven. on TV. I tried out this simple parippu recipe and it came out really well. Thanks to you Maria. I hope to try out more of your simple recipes.

– Annie James on Parippu Chaaru

Maria, i really dont know how to thank you for coming up with such a site. i’ve been googling for the past 1 month for a good recipe site. either they have very sophisticated dishes or the ones they have aren’t tasty. i was a person who hated cooking till i came across your site 4 days back. i decided to give parippu curry a try and being a beginner i was so happy to see that it turned out to be very delicious. i must thank you for presenting recipes in such a simple manner. it made me feel that cooking also can be interesting. and the pictures are also very tempting. please post the recipe for making soft and fluffy idli’s too. by the way i came to your site through Anitta’s so a big thanks to her too

– Sarah on Parippu Chaaru

Hai Maria… Ur recipe is juz wow…. its really mouth watering….. i tried it n it came out really well… i had another recipe of fish molee but dats nuthin wen compared to ur recipe… my hubby loved it alot…. servin dis curry wid paalappam.. yummy…. thanx for de recipe… u rock..

– Binu ashish on Fish Molly

Happy Easter to you. This time almost every dishes in my easter menu was from your site.All was excellent and yummy according to my hubby…we thoroughly njoyed all the dishes.

– Jasmin on Mutton Roast

Hi Maria, It’s time for me to de-lurk & give credit where it’s due. I tried this recipe for Easter this year & it was such a hit!!! My guests were bowled over…as for me I was on cloud nine. Thanks & keep those recipes coming. Cheers,

– Mini on Chicken Mappas

We tried your recipe for chicken cutlets and it came out so beautifully!!! Thanks a lot for giving such a crisp explanation – me and my husband are now confirmed fans of your recipes :D

– Vijitha on Chicken Cutlet

Maria, s of course…i tried nadan mutton curry, beetroot mezhukupiratty,beef ularthiyadh,dal palak still continuing with ur other recipies..All which I have tried were super.My husband liked all.This gave me an encouragement to try new items..Thanks a lot to u dear Maria ..and to my dear friend Silpa who introduced this site to me.

– Sini Rency on Sambar

Hey this recipe is great I choose this one out of VahreVah and Sanjeev Kapoor one. Thanks a lot for sharing couldn’t stop myself from leaving a feedback.. Great work. :)

– Namrata on Malai Kofta

Dear Maria, We have tried your caramel custard pudding today evening. It was superb. ……..really yummy…Last week we tried your chemeen ularthiyathu and meen vevichathu(kottayam style)…..both were huge success. we really liked both….We are really proud of you and your website….We had a jolly & funny time reading your “about me”… have gr8 sense of humor…. did you see the movie ‘Julie &Julia’? It is funny movie about a cook and cooking blog……..

– Anjana Deepak on Caramel Custard

Hi Maria….its me again…..i think mariasmenu has become THE place….i tried Paneer Butter masala yesterday and it came out really good. I have not made this curry so well before…there was always something missing or over . But yesterday I was so happy !!Thanks Maria :-)

– Smitha Pradeep on Paneer Butter Masala

Maria, i made ur butter cake yesterday…came out really well…loved the look n feel…it was so soft…it was my parents wedding anniversary…mummy was tellin mariasmenu kollamello…all at home loved it and all credit to u…eagerly waiting to see whats comin up next…

– Sujitha on Butter Cake

Hi Maria, Thank you very much for the recipe, I tried it today it was very tasty so I wanted to try all your recipes. This site is very helpful for expat Indian bachelors like me to learn cooking … Thanks a million and may god bless you.

– Shereef on Nadan Mutton Curry

Hi Maria, Its been quite some time i have been trying your recipes, fish wasn’t my cup of tea all this while, but i tried ur fish molly, mappas and today red fish curry . i have no words for these wonderful recipes specially red fish curry, its just yummy…… sorry for commenting so late….

– Rashmi on Red Fish Curry

Hiii Maria, Let me start by saying that ur website is just great and the recipe out there are just too good. I can’t believe that I got a website where I can try the recipe out without thinking twice, I just know it’s going to turn out great! 3 cheers to you. The pics you take of the dishes are way too tempting. I have so far tried the Mutton Olathiyathu, Chilli Gobi, Dragon Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Shrimp Crackers , Pasta salad….I don’t remember if there is more to this list…..All these came out so well that I can boast about my cooking now! Thanks a ton Maria ! I think I’ll try to post the comments as and when I try them rather than waiting for the end. Maail u soon sometime.

– Deepa on Mutton Olathiyathu

Hey Maria, Tried some of your recipes. Everything came out so yummy..just now tried this scrambled egg curry..(I followed exact recipe, but added some boiled eggs too)) ..It’s so yummy..I loved it! I also took one picture of it.. thanks for this easy recipe.. :)

– Ambily on Scrambled Egg Curry

Thanks a million Maria for this recipe. Honestly Iam not too much into cooking. But as of now I have your recipe for “nadan beef curry” and its on the stove cooking.(.not the paper the beef curry..:-). So you can guess my menu for lunch apparently seems to be parippu curry, beef olethiyedhe, pappadam, beetroot thoran and Rice. How does that sound?! Thank you so much for the painstaking work.?And making someone like me to cook. !

– Mini on Parippu Chaaru

Maria, This cake is really good. My son wanted to bake plain cake (he do not like fruit cake) and I tried your recipe along with him, he was the master chef I was the assistant who helped powder sugar,remove egg sheels, butter cake tin etc…… Cake came out really great,soft and it just melted in our mount…Even my hubby who is not a fan of cakes loved this cake and he clicked some snaps of the master chef busy in preparing cake mix :-)? Thanks for Wonderful recipie.

– Lata George on Butter Cake

Hi Maria, I stumbled upon your blog when i was searching for Chicken Stew recipe. And I’m happy that i stumbled upon your blog ;)… For a very long time I’m trying various appam recipes and all are great disaster :’(…I tired your recipe and voila i got it right :) …. Thank you for sharing those lovely recipes… BTW Chicken Stew also delicious :)

– Gowry on Palappam

Hi Maria….. I tried this cake….and it turned out super moist and soft and it was just yummy!!! thanx a million for this recipe….and I recommend this cake for any beginner and tell u this is the best plain cake I hv baked until now and the best part is its tooooo easy and still u get the best result…….im surely sending u the photos of the cake…I also tried ur simple choclate cake and if followed the instructions as given by u…any begginer can bake it tooo and get a super tasty choclate cake….luv

– Seeba on Butter Cake

Hi Maria, I always read your recipes and the stories n thoughts behind it. Both of them are quite impressive,the snaps are so realistic that give us a feeling that we already have made & had them ourselves. Congratssss for completing 200 recipes, hoping lot number of recipes from you in future…..I have tried a few of the recipes before, trying out Chicken biriyani for the first time and it came outvery well even beyond my expectations. Thank you for the wonderful recipe :-) Now became more confident to try out remaining recipes in this site … Will surely update you on the status ..:)

– Gracy on Chicken Biriyani

This recipe is just awesome to say the least ! The flavor is totally different and i loved it..n the tamarind just gives just gives the right amount of tanginess..! Hope u’l come up with more such ‘nadan’ recipes…! This is the first time i came across ur website and zeroed in on this one after browsing thru many others and am i glad about it..!

– Jyothi on Prawns Roast

Hi Maria, i saw ur blog only last week n u have hooked me.i tried ur chicken stew, easy chicken fry, moist butter cake in a weeks time.and the results were superb.usually expert cooks hold back certain secrets,i’ve heard.but i think u r an goin 2 try ur whitw choc mud cake.thanks again. God bless,

– Sandhya on White Chocolate Mud Cake

Hi maria, I am from Sharjah. I found out your blog 3 days before.. Yesterday tried this chicken curry with green peas pulav. My husband liked the chicken curry so much. On tasting it, he was feeling nostalgic, since he used to have the same curry from a hotel near his college, back in kerala… Anyway so many thanks for giving such wondeful recipes. Today your MEEN VEVICHATHU is my target :) I will let you know how it turned out….

– Nishya on Chicken Curry

Hi Maria, Tried this recipe a few days back….but sorry for commenting late….it was really yummy…thanks for sharing…v r having a party at a friend’s place tonite…i am planning to make this again… will surely recommend ur blog there.. :) Luv

– Kavita on Mutton Stew

Hi Maria, I have been following you n bookmarking ur some of the recipes for some time , but itz only today I tried ur biriyani. It was yum, yum, yummy :) according to my hubby n MIL, a sure keeper :) They asked me to tell u that it was awesome :) Wat I liked about ur biriyani is that one cud make with less hassles :) We were so hungry after the church today that I forgot to take a snap :( Do come up with gud recipes n God Bless

– Twinsy on Chicken Biriyani

Amazing recipe. Loved following the instructions. Im fairly new to the kitchen and whenever i bake a cake used to crack but this one didnt!! So happy :D love the smell of cinnamon ahh! keep it up and keep posting yumm recipes!

– May on Cinnamon Teacake

Maria, I tried this recipe today and it was fabulous. My hubby couldn’t stop eating the idlis because of this chutney :) thanks a lot for sharing this!!

– Reena on Tomato Chutney

Hi Maria….:) jus loved ur chutney…u know m carryin n just started having the so caled Morning Sickness…was not likin any taste…but this chutney jus got in to me….
m even havin it with rice,thanks lot,

– Sabitha on Tomato Chutney

Maria, i have been following your blog on and off. But i could not stay away from thanking you for this wonderful recipe. I tried this for the first time yesterday and my husband loved it. Being a vegetarian i mostly cook veg dishes and not an expert in Non- veg cooking. But now i can proudly say i can cook fish curry. Also your kerala style chicken curry absolutely love it. It is spot on. It is always difficult to find recipes to follow exactly. Because most of them adjust the flavours according to their choice. And i cant do the same with non-veg dishes. Thank you again so much.

– Veena on Red Fish Curry

I have tried a lot of recipes from urs and also from other blogs.but let me tell u..urs always turns out so never ever goes wrong.5 stars for every recipe i have tried.

– Anitha on Fish Molly

Hi Maria, Your site’s superb! I am really thankfull to you. My husband’s working in singapore. It’s been only three months since we got married. When we came in to singapore, I have to cook evrything since no one is here to help me. First it is was like a nightmare for me! I even thought to go back to home..then i found out your site. First I tried this chilly wont believe the first trial itself it became ok..!Now I am a daily visitor of your site and I do love cooking now. I like the way you give instructions and tips. Now i am really confident in preparing dishes for onam because you are there to to help me na : )..

– Chithra on Chilli Gobi

Hi Maria, Tried out this dish for the first time and it tasted simply divine. I also find your website a treasure of awesome and great recipes. Thank you for posting.

– Re on Chicken Curry

Dearestttttttt Maria….how are you???Your recipes are awesome….i only make ur recipes..Cos i know only that..U remember na,i dint know anything and i hated cookng..Now what ever recipe of urs i try out will come out well..Thank u soo much maria..i know these words are not enough..ur recipes are great..thank u soo much for your effort.. Maria,could u please share a recipe for kadala curry to have with puttu..i know a punjabi channa recipe which i got from some other source,it will never turn good. Once again thank u sooo much for ur recipes..GOD BLESS..Blessings for your future endeavours…

– Tina on Mutton Stew

Hello Maria: I’ve been a frequent visitor to your blog for quite some time now, but never bothered to write in. But I think its high time that I did!! I’ve tried out mostly your cake recipes which have been given A++++++++ certificates & huge “thumps up”s by my kids! Recently, however I tried out this recipe using veggies (as its our “noimbu”period now) & it was superb! Can’t wait to try out with chicken!! Keep on posting new recipes!!!!

– Anitha M on Malabar Chicken Curry

WOW Maria …the 25 things really tickled my funny bone .. ur site has become a mini sacred shrine for me as iam getting loads to try on …. keep up the good work dear … it is a big relief for the new generation good for nothing (what i mean is spent most of the life in hostel till got married and didnt even knew the masalas till we were forced to set up home) any ways after many bout of gastronomic diseases my hubby has given me the pass marks which is escalating to good ,excellent and five star ..thanks to ur site … by the way whenever he asks me how i prepared it i just coyly says “oh u knw i just mixed some things … lol … thnks once again ..

– Deeya on Beef Fry

Hello Maria, its been a long time since i tried out your recipes…was getting so lazy and often ended up cooking the usuals…we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary last week…so i decided to make something special and ended up in your blog as usual :-) …tried the nadan beef curry and beef olathiyathu recipes…turned out so well that we finished the whole thing (but i forgot to pressure cook the beef for the nadan beef curry…so it took a bit more time than expected…and finally i ended up pressure cooking the beef seperately)…but it was worth it…both of us liked it so much…thanks again for making our day even more special

– Sarah on Nadan Beef Curry

Hats off to you Maria!!!… The chicken curry recipe is simple but it tastes awesome n yummy.. this recipe is very apt for lazy gals like me.. :) i first made it 3 weeks before n now i make this dish at least once a week..n my hubby he just loves the taste of it…
thanks to u dear… :)

– Ponnu on Chicken Curry

Maria, I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a long time now. I just made my very first ada pradhaman using your recipe and it was awesome!!! My husband and I, we both absolutely love it! The version my MIL makes is really thick, I guess she uses more ada and less coconut milk. But we both thought, the less thick version was definitely better! Kudos to the great work you keep doing!!!!!!

– Leah on Ada Pradhaman

Hey Maria, i tried the fish molly..some guests were there and it went excellent.I always felt your recipes are quite simple ,clear and practical.. Keep up the good work. thanks alot

– Teenu on Fish Molly

Hi Maria, I tried your kerala style veg stew & it was rocking just too tasty. Amazing recipe. I had searched earlier for this recipe as it was so much on my mind, but you have the authentic one . Thanks a ton, you rock!!

– Rhea R Pai on Veg Stew

Thanks maria for this easy & tasty prawns biriyani recipe, I must say you made our day. The biriyani was just tasting so awesome & yummy. My hubby he loved the biriyani. Thanks.

– Jenny Justin on Prawns Biriyani

This recipe is killer and so easy. I didn’t have any coconut milk, so I substituted with evaporated milk and a little water. My husband had some for dinner, enjoyed it enough to take the leftovers for lunch the next day (he hates leftovers!) and said it ‘hit the spot’ which is high praise from him. I will def. be making this again. Thank you!

– Mellisa on Egg & Peas Kurma

Hey Maria, I really njoy reading thru & trying out ur recipes…I do make mutton & chicken biryani often….bt this was my 1st experiment with prawns…it came out really really well…gt a lot of appreciation from my family…Thanx again for the wonderful recipes….

– Jemy Boben on Shrimp Biriyani

Hey Maria, I made this stuffed bun and already ate it for dinner. Absolutely superb dear … toooo good .. sooo soft and perfectly baked … satisfaction at its epitome ….. So I just thought of thanking you. I have been seeing quite a few of your recipes from some days .. started with this … awesome … Keep up the good work …

– Bindu Joseph on Baked Eggs & Stuffed Bun

Hi Maria, i am your blog visitor for the past 3 years from chennai. so far i have tried 75% of your recipes. all are great. finally i made this pineapple upside down cake and it has really come out well. everybody appreciated the cake and in fact i got two order for this cake. really a marvelous cake. first time i made chicken biryani based on your recipe and it was really tasty. all the best maria

– Beena on Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Its about two and a half months; during my google search for kerala recipes I came across Marias Menu. Most of them I tried and it came out well. I would say its best especially who are new to cooking. The amount said and all is very accurate. All the Best Maria!

– Soly John on 15 Minutes Of Fame

Congrats to you, Maria. Your blog was introduced to me by a very close friend from Kenya. We were casually chatting and he mentioned that he has made some yummy beef dish for the weekly guys nite. Since I was engaged and being aware of my cooking skills (more like lack of it), Navin suggested using this blog from where he takes his recipes. I tried Beans and Carrot thoran right away since I love it. Instant success at home!! :) Thanks to you.. Now I am married.. to Jessil, whose mom cooks the most yummiest dishes I have ever tasted. So here I am looking for recipes to match his well pampered taste buds. My cooking has to got where Amma’s have. But our blog makes it really easy for those of us who are true virgins in the kitchen. Maria, you have indeed saved the day and my face as a cook. Kiddos to you, Jose who suggested this blog and Tessy Aunty for all that mouth watering dishes.

– Rohini John on 15 Minutes Of Fame

Hi Maria, This is the first time I’m visiting your website. I tried chilli fish and chicken biryani and they turned out delicious. The recipes in your site are just awesome and easy to prepare, as you suggest with easily accessible ingredients. Keep coming up with lot more…God bless!

– Ruby Sujay on Fish Biriyani

Hi Maria, Congrats for creating such a nic site. i am a frequent visitor of ur site and have tried out some dishes which came out very well. Since am new to the cooking world, it helped me a lot. Thank u so much.

– Dhanya on Kachimoru

Hi Maria, let me tell u I have tried most of ur recipes and believe me it’s all come out good….. The best thing of u is u have shared to all of us, a very good nature! Anyways I would like to know do you have recipe for Dates wine, which I would like to try on……!Looking forward …..

– Josna on Homemade Grape Wine

Feeling proud of you dear. am a regular visitor of your blog. awesome and perfect have only these words to say about your site. am dying to buy your cookbook loads of hugs,

– Sumi on 15 Minutes Of Fame